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  1. jayjay123

    ROM Hack Animal Crossing New Horizons update 1.3 - NSP file size smaller than 1.2?

    I noticed that ACNH 1.3 update is out but file sizes appear to be around 540 Mb while update 1.2x was 800 Mb or thereabout. What's that about? I have 1.2.x installed and I tried installing 1.3 but it tells me it already exists and asks to overwrite the content - I assume that's expected for an...
  2. jayjay123

    ROM Hack Help with save games - have I lost them forever?

    Long story short, I (had) an early switch + 128Gb SD card set up with Firmware 9.2 and Hekate / Atmosphere. All was going well but I ran out of space on the card and bought a 256Gb. My emummc was installed as a partition at the end of the SD Card, so when I imaged the card to the new one, the...
  3. jayjay123

    Hacking 32Gb SD card - possible?

    I'm trying to install a bunch of channels to my SD card in my Wii (actually Wii U in vWii mode). It doesn't read the 32Gb SD card I'm using - it installs locally fine but won't read the 32Gb card. I assume this is a limitation of the Wii - is there some way to sort this with a cios?
  4. jayjay123

    Hacking Wii U wireless controller extender hack

    So I decided to finally hack my Wii U to extend the range of the wireless controller and this is what I did... Details to follow, but suffice to say it was a success for me. *EDIT* So a bit of background on the Wii U and it's wireless technology. There are a number of wireless gadgets in...
  5. jayjay123

    Hardware Extending Bluetooth on Wii U?

    Anyone tried either of these methods on their Wii for extending Bluetooth? I'm keen to try it on my Wii-U. Given that I only paid $100 for my 32Gb console, I don't mind voiding warranty. I want to extend it to be able to use the pad in my room...
  6. jayjay123

    Hacking UStealth - Wii U 'Format Disk' Nag workaround :)

    I've created a small Windows app to hide or un-hide a drive so that Wii U doesn't nag you to format it every time you start. At this stage, the disk is only useful for USB loading of backups in vWii until support is added to more apps for the 'hidden' drive. 1. Create your NTFS / FAT32 / WBFS...
  7. jayjay123

    Hacking HDD for Wii U and vWii use?

    *Edit 11 August 2013 - Solution has been found* - see here: Original query------------------------------------ I had an NTFS formatted drive for use in vWii with my backups in WiiFlow... all cool. I can't find a way around the 'Do...
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