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  1. superspudz2000

    Gaming Minna No Soft Series - TETRIS Advance, (translated)

    here is a menu translation for Tetris Advance Japan. hope somebody finds this useful. i can't vouch for the authenticity because i just used a best guess from Google Translate with a phone camera. please feel free to correct me if i made a mistake in this. Settings Challenge Mode...
  2. superspudz2000

    ROM Hack Creating Custom DS Icons in GIMP (nds color palette)

    after days of trying to get a handle on GIMP image editing program, i have finally figured out how the Nintendo DS color palette works in regards to DS Icons. DS icons are 32 x 32, 15 Colors, with an extra, 16th color relegated to a transparency layer. a good example of this is Okamiden. the...
  3. superspudz2000

    Gaming How To Create Custom NDS Icons

    Nintendo DS games have an internal icon associated with them that displays in file lists on DS flashcarts. The icon or picture is predominantly what people use to instantly recognize individual games in a list before looking at the filename. in most cases the default icon is "good enough" for a...
  4. superspudz2000

    Hacking its 2021. isn't it about time for DSTwo fanboyism to end already

    it's 2021. the Supercard team has disbanded and their carts are no longer being supported. R4's have caught up and offer the same if not better functionality than the DSTwo. and the DS / 3DS have been cracked wide open allowing a wider rage of alternatives to play DS games and homebrew. in...
  5. superspudz2000

    Hacking need help with GBA Borders/Frames. nothing works.

    here is my equipment. Acekard with latest AKIAO M3 Simply with latest Wood R4 EZ-Flash 3 in 1 Expansion Pack M3 Real GBA Expansion Pack Cyclo DS what i want to do is run GBA games from a Slot-1, displaying Different Custom GBA borders, for Each individual game. Wood, Akaio, GBAExploder...
  6. superspudz2000

    Hacking New Custom Theme for EZ-Flash III - Shredder TMNT

    [] A New Custom EZ-Flash 3 / EZFlash III Theme in 2021? NOTICE: this is a skin for EZ-Flash III ONLY. thats "EZ-Flash 3". the Orange cart. this is NOT for EZ-Flash IV. Looks like this: Introduction for those that don't know, in the early days of GBA Flashcarts, many original EZFlash...
  7. superspudz2000

    why the NES Classic Edition sucks a donkeys neither-region

    yet another short rant to pile on the NES Mini it sucks. limited in display setting and features like simple Turbo-Fire / Auto-Fire function. a controller thats too short. HDMI only and no Composite video so you can't plug it into a Car DVD player, or a CRT Tv, or video capture devices. But...
  8. superspudz2000

    Hardware System transfer to New 3DS without NNID?

    thinking about upgrading to NN3DS for the C-Stick in Moon Chronicles and Nano Assault, if not for those eShop exclusives i would go all physical cartridges. but i cannot system transfer if they require a NNID. the reason is NNID locks your region. Canada eShop doesn't get all the games. haven't...
  9. superspudz2000

    Emulation forever.... origional hardware Never

    i recently tried to get back into retro gaming, but it seems now like everything is just devolved into a horrible quagmire. and the realization that all the original hardware sucked. too difficult to find original components, every game is super rare apparently, and greedy ebayers are charging...
  10. superspudz2000

    Hardware lets play, Guess That Acessory....

    50 Rupees to whoever can correctly identify the accesory/gamepak in the center of the photo... \
  11. superspudz2000

    Hacking Should i update 4.21 PS3 Slim?

    the PS3, is CECH-3001B, on 4.21 firmware. from what i can gather you need <3.55 for softmod, and <4.55 for modchips? i can't afford those $100 ODE right now and there is DLC i want to download. is it even worth it to stay on the firmware?
  12. superspudz2000

    Homebrew ok to update 3DS?

    been out of the loop for awhile, i have 2 DS's, both on higher firmware. one has youtube app that was downloaded like 2012, the other has Ironfall that was downloaded the week it was first released. would updating to latest firmware block Youtube and Ironfall hacks? also what about Flashcards?
  13. superspudz2000

    Gaming Public Service Annoncement - ClubNintendo

    a lot of people are selling their Club Nintendo Coins, just to let you know, Doc Louis's Punch Out is a limited edition nintendo release. you cant buy it on the Wiiware shop. it was a limited one-time-only promotion. just like Zelda four swords, and DK original edition. sellers, maybe...
  14. superspudz2000

    Gaming whats on my 2DS

    i like the 2DS. it reminds me of the old Gameboy. just a solid grey brick. the GameGear felt good in the hands as well. I have a 3DS XL for the bigger screen, but it just seems like some games scream out for a hinge-less, solid piece of hardware. and considering the 256mb internal memory only...
  15. superspudz2000

    Last day to earn coins....

    the end of club nintendo is approaching. the 31st is the last day to register products and do surveys. you have months to redeem your coins for rewards, but tuesday is last day squeeze those last few coins. just remember 3DS owners; free coins with the following, Pokemon Bank $0.00 Rustys real...
  16. superspudz2000

    Hardware uses for a 360 MHz PC

    so while dumpster diving i got a few of these babies: its imbedded 300 Mhz processor and 128mb ram. and as it is, boots into an incredibly stripped down version of WinXP, and only 1 icon on the desktop, internet explorer. just racking my...
  17. superspudz2000

    Hardware lets talk about the Wii Mini

    so last weekend i went and bought a Wii Mini. and i have to say, it was one of the best purchases i have ever made. it all looks absolutely beautiful, red controller is a welcome change from the boring white standard wiimote, and the console actually looks like a real retro top loading console...
  18. superspudz2000

    Gaming List of free DSiware ever released?

    has there ever been any free giveaways on the DSi besides Zelda Four Swords, or Flipnote studio?
  19. superspudz2000

    yellowing, ageing consoles. SNES-other

    i was looking at a few youtube videos about restoring Yellowed consoles, like SNES or Super Famicom. apparently Nintendo decided to put Bromine in the plastic to make it fire retardant. it violently reacts with UV light and turns consoles yellow. retro gamers will swear up and down that the...
  20. superspudz2000

    Hardware any reason to get SuperSlim PS3?

    eying the "last of us PS3 bundle" at walmart. $250 New PS3 "superslim", are obviously UN-hackable. and no backwards compatibility. but its not really an issue as i have a chipped PS2. and PS3 games are pretty cheap now anyway. the superslim is apparently Quieter, takes up less shelf space...
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