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  1. CalJ

    Homebrew Wii U Linux 2020?

  2. CalJ

    Homebrew Wii U Linux 2020?

    Looking for an answer on what's going on with Wii U Linux. Allot of stuff I find seems to be from 2018ish, just wondering if I wanted to run Linux on Wii U what's the most up-to-date Linux I could run with a GUI and what hardware access would I have? WiFi? GPU? Anybody cracked those yet, I saw...
  3. CalJ

    Homebrew Black Ops II disc2app Keeps getting stuck

    Been trying to use disc2app with Black Ops II, I have been exporting the WUP to a 64gb USB flash drive and yet it always seems tofail in the later stages of the process, any ideas? Is this a common issue for Black Ops II. I performed the same process with Ghosts and it worked flawlessly.
  4. CalJ

    Hacking WiiU Software Update 5.5.4 released (June 25, 2019)

    I can confirm I updated my system to 5.5.4 and all works fine. Mind you I'm not using CBHC, Just plain old Haxchi DSI injection. As many have said, update was probably some sort of privacy statement, data protection, basically an update to some system text, basically nothing major at all.
  5. CalJ

    Homebrew Swiss on Wii

    Hi I want to be able run and use Swiss on Wii, what would be the best most seamless way to do this? Without rubbing into any Compatibility issues, I essentially want to be able to run Swiss in the Wii like you would on the GC like being able to just open an app on Homebrew Channel and have it...
  6. CalJ

    Hacking Wii U Gamepad as Controller In vWii

    So I have a Wii U set up with Nintendont to play GameCube Games. But I still play Wii Games from Disc. However I’d like to be able to play some Wii games I own with Pro controller support, with the Gamepad. Is their some sort of injector I can use to launch games from Disc with the Wii U Gamepad...
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