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  1. Jerriel

    Homebrew Question Mary Skelter Nightmare Edition

    I downlaoded an nsp of Mary Skelter 2 w/ upd dlc BUUUUUUUUUUUT may iknow if it has the first game? its literraly says in nintendo site that both games are included as a dlc but there is no dump of it ? am i missing something or its already included
  2. Jerriel

    Gaming Mary Skelter Nightmare Edition

    is it already inside mary skelter 2? IS IT available on the nintendo switch i cant seem to find a dump of the first game...
  3. Jerriel

    ROM Hack Question Extracting bis_keys on sxos

    Extracting bis_keys on sxos help how toe xtract do i just need a full nand backup?
  4. Jerriel

    Homebrew Question (sxcore v2) tinfoil incognito cal0 brick restore

    (TINFOIL INCOGNITO) stuck on the switch logo i have no nand backup but the prodinfo is still inside the cal0 is there a way to restore this?
  5. Jerriel

    Homebrew Question SXCORE V2 ISSUE

    (TINFOIL INCOGNITO) just got sxcore today and the guy who set it up said they used emunand on it i tried to back up my serial number using sxcore tinfoil and after backing it up its on cal0 then i exited tinfoil to bootupinternet and hbgshop it diesnt open tried reinstalling tinfoil but when i...
  6. Jerriel

    Hacking NBA 2k18 | Just Dance 2018 Cfw2ofw

    Have anyone tried converting these games on cfw2ofw? Cause I wanna put it in my ps3 thank yku
  7. Jerriel

    Hacking Nier PS3Xploit V3 HAN

    Did somebody tried installing this game in their HAN either The US or The English Patched?
  8. Jerriel

    Hacking BEYOND: Two Souls problem

    How do I install Beyond: Two Souls as 7-Part PKG? Ive dowbloaded this game thrpugh PsNDl and its on parts how should I install this Im on the ps3xploit v3 and can use pkglinker but how should i install it one by one or should i need to merge it into 1 pkg?? HELP
  9. Jerriel

    Gaming About Zero Escape....

    i had the 3 games install but when i played The Nonary Games it also includes Virtues last Reward so can i delete the other virtues last reward installed on my system
  10. Jerriel

    Hacking PROBLEMS Installing Pkgj Updates

    Dlc and games are installing but updates not installing help. all updates are in the patch folder and cant seem to install when refreshing livearea :(
  11. Jerriel

    Hacking 3.65 enso Insert gamecard error

    Twas fixing my sd2vita when i got a bootloop using switchsd2vita(im a noob) then it bootloops i fixed it by rebuilding the database now i cant use molecular shell and vitashell always ask me to insert vita gamecard PLS HELPP
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