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  1. Andy2001

    Best way to play turbogrfx16 CD games on 3ds?

    The Title says it all, honstly. Can you also use nsui for trbgrfx16 CD games?
  2. Andy2001

    Is Cruel (Thomas Edvalson) still in prison?

    Just wondering, because hes already been convicted for a couple years. I think he even first made the freeshop homebrew program before it got forked and finally shut down by Nintendo. He also made the old dsp1 dumper first used with ninjhax and whatnot. (The Ninjhax times were a truly magical...
  3. Andy2001

    Where should I watch the Nintendo E3, now that Etika is gone?

    The question really says it all. Ever since he committed suicide the directs dont feel the same anymore. I would even say they suck without his commentary. (Which also might be partly because the last directs werent very interesting). Any thoughts on your part?
  4. Andy2001

    Hacking Question Are there any reasons to not Homebrew your Switch right now?

    Just wondering, i have a "first generation" system on 7.0.1 and wanted to know if there is any problematic/risk right now to hack your switch. Im aware, that it isnt as safe as it was on the 3ds, but the advantages seem just too practical. Happy for some educated information. :)
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