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  1. berichan

    ROM Hack WIP Open-source web-encoder for Pokemon SW/SH raid seed checking

    After dudu went down I thought I'd take a crack at setting up my own online seed checker using SysBot.NET and so the Web library for SysBot.NET was born. It's very bleeding edge (and pretty hacky) so it loops seedcheck trades and encodes all progress updates via uri queries and performs a HEAD...
  2. berichan

    ROM Hack RELEASE ACNHMobileSpawner: A mobile app to spawn items in Animal Crossing New Horizons on the go!

    I made an app in Unity to let you (real-time) inject items, edit villagers, change certain game values, and other cool things in animal crossing. It's tested & working on Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, Android and iOS. You can download the source and periodic mobile builds from...
  3. berichan

    Tutorial [Tutorial] Region free on 3DS fw<9.2 without a 3DS flashcard

    I posted it to wololo. Only works on 3DS or XL. Not 2DS/new3DS. You need a DS-mode flash card. Have fun!
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