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    Hi, I'm env, homebrew firmware skinner (back then) especially for Moonshell 2. I'm never really into posting stuff and voice out my opinion, but I lurk in GBAtemp almost everyday. I recently bought purple 3DS, and I'm loving it so far, (curse NA 3DS XL colors.) Currently playing RE:R and its...
  2. env

    Homebrew ENV Moonshell 2 skins

    Barbed Dream MS2: Download Link Conversion of Barbed Dream Skin from EZFlash V to Moonshell2. MARX Moonshell 2: Download Link This skin is just a modified (much better) version of ENV skin, with AKAIO style ScreenSavers. Skin inspired from doodle style artworks, TonyHawk RIDE interface, Iphone...
  3. env

    Homebrew who needs topic title.

    Skin finally finished! Old Version: New Version: Download Link With this I think I've made everything else edited except for the moonmemo walls, So for me its the most modified Moonshell2 skin from default. It took me a lot of time to finish this. I hope you appreciate it! Any...
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