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  1. jelbo

    ROM Hack [Request] Cursed Castilla EX cheats/CTRPF plugin

    I'm a bit of a casual gamer in the sense that when the challenge becomes too big, I'd rather play something that gives me less stress. But sometimes, hard games are so intriguing that I still wish to play them. As a tourist :P One of these games is the praised eShop game Cursed Castilla EX...
  2. jelbo

    Hacking GameCube cheatloader available?

    Is there some kind of Ocarina/Geko OS style 'cheat loader' homebrew for GameCube games, retail or burnt? I'd like to play some GC games with cheats.
  3. jelbo

    Gaming Best PSP CFW/homebrew introduction/tutorial I've read

    First of all, the site is not my work, but *Legion*'s, and I'm in no way connected. *Legion* wrote an 11 page PSP Hacking Guide that gives a great introduction to the world of PSP hacking. I must say that it's a great read, very clear and informative and way better than all of those so called...
  4. jelbo

    Gaming 7-Zipping PSP .iso's changes hash values? Verification is welcome.

    I compressed some .iso's to .cso using UMDGen which works fine. I then 7-zipped the untouched .iso's in .7z files. Weird thing is, is that when I uncompress them and check their hash values (CRC232/MD5), they're different from the original values.... Take...
  5. jelbo

    Gaming Where to buy an official PSP 2200mAh battery that ships to Europe?

    Wading through fake 2200mAh batteries the occasional genuine one is either sold out or won't ship to Europe (I live in the Netherlands). Does anyone know where I can get one cheap and ships to .nl? I don't really need the repackaged one from the end of 2007 that has the extra battery covers, the...
  6. jelbo

    D2Pro9 Utility Disc Beta v1.1 Released

    D2Pro Team (supposedly the same as WiiKey/D2CKey Teams) released a DVD 'utility' disc image for 9 wire D2Pro's with the SPI Flash module. Get it from the D2Pro resources section.
  7. jelbo

    Gaming The Sharp/Samsung screen dilemma, also on Slim&Lite?

    Recently (september?) Nintendo changed screen manufacturers from Sharp to Samsung. I experienced this myself because I had a launch day Japanese DS lite with a still, non-ghosting image (must be Sharp), and a last-month US DS Lite with a flickering, ghosting screen (must be Samsung). Thing is...
  8. jelbo

    What movies/TV series/anime would I like?

    Hey guys, At times when I seek some amusement on my telly I can't find anything decent. Besides that I'm not the kind of person that enjoys the everyday mainstream movie/tv series/anime, but I certainly do like some. Based on what I like, what can you suggest me to watch? Generally I like: -no...
  9. jelbo

    Hardware Connecting Wii and PC to speakerset

    I want to use my PC speakerset for both my (upcoming) Wii and PC. How would I do that? Here's the situation: - Speakerset: 3,5mm male stereo jack - PC: 3,5mm female stereo jack - Wii: Stereo RCA jacks (I guess. It's the red/white cables from the component cable) I know I can hook everything up...
  10. jelbo

    Hacking eWin Expansion Pak Opera Browser patch

    This BDF patch will let you use the eWin Expansion Pak as an Opera RAM Pak. Download: /EDIT: eWin uses the same memory access thingy as the SuperCard one, so OPERA_SC.BDF does the same as OPERA_EEP.BDF. Mods can delete this file as it's obsolete...
  11. jelbo

    Gaming Hotel Dusk save with access to all Jukebox songs?

    Does anyone have a savegame for Hotel Dusk with access to all Jukebox songs at the bar? I completed the game once, but I need to play through it again to access all songs... Reason is I want to record all music and release it to the public on some BT tracker or a game music release group. Any...
  12. jelbo

    Hacking I'm addicted to flashcards and MicroSD's...

    Heh, I think I'm addicted to flashcards.. back in September I got myself a G6 Lite and Max Media Launcher. Flashed my DS and sold the stuff after some time. Then I got a DS-Xtreme. After some time I didn't trust them anymore and jumped out of their boat (and sold it). Got myself a cheap-ass...
  13. jelbo

    Hacking About to buy an M3 Lite, some final questions left

    I'm about to buy an M3 Lite (new, though I'd like a 2nd hand) to use as a GBA and RAM card next to my R4 DS. I do have some questions I'd like to see answered... -What does the GBA loader look like? Does it only show internal ROM names? Is it like G6's menu? -Is GBA compatibility with recent...
  14. jelbo

    Hacking Can someone test some trained GBA ROMs on M3 Lite?

    I made the same topic in the EZ-Flash section, because I want to find out which one is better for me. So yeah, here it is: I'm thinking to buy an M3 Lite (or EZ-Flash IV Deluxe) (I'm fine with 2nd hand too) for just the GBA features. I do, however, want to make use of trained ROMs (yeah, I'm...
  15. jelbo

    Hacking Can someone test some trained GBA ROMs on EZIV?

    I'm thinking to buy an EZ-Flash IV Deluxe (I'm fine with 2nd hand too) for just the GBA features. I do, however, want to make use of trained ROMs (yeah, I'm that lame). I have owned a G6 Lite before, and trained ROMs crashed nearly all the time, didn't even get past the intro. How's the EZ-Flash...
  16. jelbo

    Hacking Unable to access 512MB Sandisk MicroSD...

    I passed my SCLR and 512MB Sandisk MicroSD to my bro, and suddenly the MicroSD is inaccessible in Windows. I've tried to access it on 2 PC's (XP Pro SP2) and using 4 different readers: * Tiny Chinese PNY MicroSD reader * Sandisk MicroSD adapter in legacy built-in cardreader * 2nd batch R4 DS...
  17. jelbo

    Gaming Req.: Hotel Dusk *access to all jukebox songs*

    I want to make a full music recording and I'm unable to access the jukebox anymore, and when I could, not all songs were there. Can someone help me out? Savegame format doesn't matter.
  18. jelbo

    Hacking M3 Lite - trained GBA ROM compatibility?

    Hi there. Can someone do some tests and run some trained GBA ROMs and see if they run correctly on the M3 Lite? Most trained ROMs didn't run or mess up on G6 Lite. No Frills has lots of trainers, as well as which is even more complete I think.
  19. jelbo

    Hacking Turn your R4 DS into an M3 Simply!

    This mod only works on the first version of the R4 DS/M3 Simply. Later revisions have the contacts removed - stacked away under a black blob of hardness and very small. More info in this thread at From an anonymous source I've found a way to mod an R4 DS into an M3 Simply. I can't...
  20. jelbo

    Hacking EZ-Flash IV - any slowdowns on DS games?

    The one thing I hate are slowdowns on DS games. Does the EZ-Flash IV (Deluxe) have any? I'm especially interested in Metroid Prime Pinball. I have a 1GB Sandisk Ultra II and a Sandisk 512MB MicroSD card.
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