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  1. populustree

    Hardware third-party DDR pad not DDRing?

    when i try using a third party DDR pad in DDR, it shows up as a gamecube controller and doesn't work anywhere in the menus, but if i try using it in SSBB, it works as a GC controlles sans analog sticks. how do i make the DDR pad work with DDR?
  2. populustree

    Hacking DVD-R backup errors out after strap screen?

    i have a backup of Mario Kart Wii on a DVD-R, i've tested the disk after burning using Dolphin, and it worked, but i tried the following to no avail: USB Loader GX's DVD load option Neogamma without rebooter Neogamma with rebooter TinyLoad Wiimmfi Patcher idk what to do at this point, pls help
  3. populustree

    Misc PKMN B2 save error

    I have a copy of Pokèmon Black V2, and it keeps saying something along the lines of I've already tried cleaning the contacts, to no avail, is there a way to rescue the save file?
  4. populustree

    Others Is there a save editor for Chrono Trigger DS?

    Is there a Chrono Trigger DS save editor that will let me change the name of my character? I searched online but could only find one for the SNES version.
  5. populustree

    ROM Hack Is it possible to use a mobile phone to create Streetpass tags?

    The 3DS, from what I can recall, uses a Wi-Fi card for communication between devices, and in turn, sending data for Streetpass. Is there a way to either spoof a 3DS on the phone and send data for a tag, or connect to it and put the data straight into wherever it goes?
  6. populustree

    ROM Hack Wii on New 3DS?

    Ik this has probably been asked before, but would it be possible to run Wii games on a New 3DS, either with a homescreen .cia or with a Luma firm that runs before most of the 3DS stuff?
  7. populustree

    ROM Hack Are there any graphical *.tickflow editors?

    I was wondering if there was any way to edit .tickflow files for Rhythm Heaven Megamix other than using a notepad program because brain too small to understand it
  8. populustree

    Homebrew Has anyone figured out how to run WW D.I.Y and have it save?

    Has anyone figured out how to run a WWDIY rom on a DSi/3DS with game saving?
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