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  1. Sonicbrawler

    Tutorial Mass Tutorial Thread

    I've been making 3DS tutorials for awhile now so I decided I'll make a thread with almost all of them. HOW TO MOD SUPER SMASH BROS ON 3DS HOW TO INSTALL CUSTOM THEMES HOW TO GET PKHEX + POKEBANK ON 3DS (PKSM) HOW TO MAKE A WONDER TRADE BOT HOW TO USE ANY CONTROLLER ON A 3DS HOW TO...
  2. Sonicbrawler

    Homebrew Hardbrick?

    When I turn my 3ds on, the screen is black. When I go into recovery mode, it loads up but gets an error when updating. Any idea whats up?
  3. Sonicbrawler

    Homebrew [Rom Hack WIP] Pokemon Lenny Version

    This is basically a WIP for a Pokemon Omega Ruby Rom Hack that is pretty much "Okay what can i change. Let me do something random or weird." So far I have the title screen changed, music changed, pokemon randomized, and am working on model swaps. Previews: Title Screen: Male Character (uhm...
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