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  1. GameDragon

    Comment by 'GameDragon' in 'TWEWY Fans will receive a nice treat soon.'

    I c what u did... but I still don't get it.
  2. GameDragon

    Comment by 'GameDragon' in 'History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi'

    I JUST got into reading the manga. Loving it so far, but I haven't seen the anime yet though. I heard there was a lot of differences from the manga and anime, so I'll give that a go when I'm done reading through it. Miu is hot though. :lol:
  3. GameDragon

    Comment by 'GameDragon' in 'Subs are superior to dubs.'

    Your sarcasm wasn't very obvious. :P
  4. GameDragon

    Comment by 'GameDragon' in 'I got into SCAD!'

    Wow, nice going man! I wish you success. :)
  5. GameDragon

    Comment by 'GameDragon' in 'Don't like Pokemon - don't worry...'

    Maybe I misunderstood, but Monster Hunter isn't about raising monsters. It's more about killing them.
  6. GameDragon

    Comment by 'GameDragon' in 'Life in my school'

    My high school used to make us go through metal detectors too. We still got sharp objects inside anyway. :)
  7. GameDragon

    Comment by 'GameDragon' in 'Just Bought a PS3 Off of Ebay :D'

    Which stick do you have exactly? It doesn't have to be a PS3 specific stick, but the PS3 can be a bit picky at times. And if you get BlazBlue, make sure you let me know. ;)
  8. GameDragon

    Comment by 'GameDragon' in 'I don't get excited for upcoming releases.'

    You sound just like a friend of mine. You should should probably pick up a 360/PS3 when you get a chance. Wii has been pretty boring this year, so you're probably just tired of it. But about getting excited, I'm starting to kinda get like that too. Most games just don't impress me anymore...
  9. GameDragon

    Comment by 'GameDragon' in 'My Megaman X Engine'

    Maybe, but I'd get a lot of hate for it. I'd probably end up brutally killing Zero in someway. I personally dislike him a lot. I always wished he'd just stay dead like a normal person.
  10. GameDragon

    Comment by 'GameDragon' in 'My School system is dumb'

    I didn't even know it could get that bad in Georgia. Weather sucks sometimes.
  11. GameDragon

    Comment by 'GameDragon' in 'My Megaman X Engine'

    Tell me about it. The series needs some proper closure.
  12. GameDragon

    My Megaman X Engine

    Well, a few people here might already know about this, though I haven't really shown anyone yet. These last few months have been pretty boring for me, so in my spare time, I worked on this. As of now, it's not much, but it's getting there. So, what exactly is it? Pretty much I'm trying to...
  13. GameDragon

    Comment by 'GameDragon' in 'Mobile Suit Gundam Wing (Kidō Senki Gundam Wing)'

    Glad to see you started Gundam Wing. :D Unfortunately for me, I haven't started 00 yet. I've been a bit preoccupied.
  14. GameDragon

    Comment by 'GameDragon' in 'First modded arcade stick!'

    Ya, that's right. Hori sticks have the PCB soldered to the buttons. If you have experience soldering/desoldering, then it's not too hard.
  15. GameDragon

    Comment by 'GameDragon' in 'First modded arcade stick!'

    I'm used to square gates, so I stuck with that. I may try an octo gate one day though. Pretty sure the cheapest Hori stick is the Wii Fighting Stick. Could probably replace the pcb to use on a different system if needed.
  16. GameDragon

    First modded arcade stick!

    I've been wanting to do this for a long time, but never had much of a reason to. Shortly after I purchased Blazblue, my MadCatz SF4 Standard Edition Stick started to deteriorate. So I figured this was a pretty good time to replace the parts with some better parts, instead of struggling with the...
  17. GameDragon

    Comment by 'GameDragon' in '7/29 Fightstick II'

    Awesome. I'm also working on modding a stick. :) Hopefully, it'll get done tomorrow.
  18. GameDragon

    Comment by 'GameDragon' in 'Wii ...'

    That is some serious addiction. xD Though I can't say something similar never happened to me.
  19. GameDragon

    Comment by 'GameDragon' in 'Went out to the arcade today'

    I went to the arcades a few days ago to play some Street Fighter IV. I wanted to try DDR but that seems so difficult.
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