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  1. Kilim

    Gary Bowser has been sentenced to 3+ years in prison

    what a joke the legal system is, catered towards corporations with billions of dollars over the individual every time this shit happens, whether it be Nintendo issuing a C&D for a rom hack (or something trivial) or them suing someone you should always remember, Nintendo is not your friend and...
  2. Kilim

    Metroid Dread has been leaked online a few days prior to official release

    do you know what the word 'generic' means
  3. Kilim

    Metroid Dread has been leaked online a few days prior to official release

  4. Kilim

    Metroid Dread has been leaked online a few days prior to official release

    wtf are you all on did you forget the 900,000,000,000x other times we all jumped on the hate-boner bandwagon because nintendo sued someone else for dumb shit? or cancelled another fan game? now you're mad that a game leaked early and people are pirating it? holy yikes actually stay mad, just...
  5. Kilim

    Nintendo's legal team has stepped in to end development on fanmade Metroid project Prime 2D

    remember to do your due diligence and pirate nintendo games instead of buying them!
  6. Kilim

    Covid-19 vaccine

    democrats bad republicans good
  7. Kilim

    Homebrew RELEASE Tinfoil 12.10 - Now compatible with Hekate!

    thank you based blawar now please add back the Controversial Yet True statements in the next update also when updating i had to delete some .json file, might want to fix that in future releases
  8. Kilim

    Pokemon Sword and Shield strategy guide leakers will have to pay $150,000 in damages

    thanks nintendo for making me feel even better for pirating your shit games
  9. Kilim

    Homebrew RELEASE Homebrew Details - A Homebrew App Manager

    any guide/tips to help me replace the default hbmenu.nro with this so that opening Album uses this instead?
  10. Kilim

    Joe Biden is now officially the 46th President of the United States of America

    id like to remind everyone in here defending any political action by any politician that they do not give a shit about you or the country, the only thing they care about is satisfying their constituents and lobbyists so they get more money stop defending these people its gross
  11. Kilim

    Gaming AM2R 1.4.3 port for Nintendo Switch.

    can confirm on my end as well, played through that section fine with no issue; try reloading a save and doing it again?
  12. Kilim

    Gaming AM2R 1.4.3 port for Nintendo Switch.

    if by latest build you mean 1.5.2? yes the tower boss has a workaround (just don't damage the cannons at all) but the elevator is a lock you can't get around
  13. Kilim

    Gaming AM2R 1.4.3 port for Nintendo Switch.

    found another issue; when you go down the elevator from the GFS Thoth back to SR388 the elevator never 'stops'--it reaches the destination and then you are still stuck in the animation, nothing can be done to get you out of it. anyone have any tips?
  14. Kilim

    Hacking RELEASE [Official] ReiNX thread [DEAD]

    yeah its official, ReiNX has been archived Rei has not touched her switch in months + the new drama about all of the arrests being made and Nintendo getting more sticky with everything is enough reason to pull out
  15. Kilim

    Homebrew RELEASE Homebrew Details - A Homebrew App Manager

    hey just wanted to say keep up the good work im so tired of hbmenu being 'forced' onto us with little semblance of a choice and enjoy a breath of fresh air, as im sure others will as well keep on keeping on!
  16. Kilim

    Hacking RELEASE Team Neptune presents DeepSea. A new AiO CFW package, that continues where Kosmos left off.

    dont forget to add a patreon link so people can donate to your hard work of making a zip file
  17. Kilim

    Hacking RELEASE [Official] ReiNX thread [DEAD]

    use the new version of tinfoil, it should be 8.0+ or something assuming you switched over from atmo/kosmos/whatever make sure the atmosphere/sept folders from your previous folders are deleted and then put the entire reinx folder onto your SD card
  18. Kilim

    Hacking Question ReiNX blackscreen.

    if you're comfortable with using autorcm, re-enable it and then push the reinx.bin to your switch you can also boot with hekate as well if you update the config file
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