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  1. thorasgar

    Hacking SWITCH NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    Hey, Drax been a long time, thanks for responding. Are you a full fledged pharmacist yet? I set up emunand last summer and haven’t touched the Switch since (personally) so do not have the experience updating emunand. Was handed the switch saying a new game would not start so know it was...
  2. thorasgar

    Hacking SWITCH NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    I don’t think so, especially because throughout the years my needs have been simple so I never bothered to understand what chainloading did or why to use it. Regarding Hekate, it is there becuase it always has been though I haven’t used it in a very long time and not even sure how I would...
  3. thorasgar

    Hacking SWITCH NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    Been awhile since I messed with my hacked switch and tried to update it but not up on all the latest and greatest. When I try to launch Tinfoil it will not start. I had last updated back in July, I believe, when I created an emunand. What I have done moved all the latest atmosphere, hekate...
  4. thorasgar

    Hit VR game Beat Saber will be leaving early access soon, will be getting a level editor

    Beat Saber tricks you into exercising. It is evil. Last week I downloaded some new maps and didn’t get to bed until 2AM and was completely drenched in sweat from playing for 2 hours.
  5. thorasgar

    Hacking Question Is Gamestop preventing jigs? (Used Switch)

    I have three Switches: a launch day, 06/17 and 7/18(hacked). For the life of me I cannot get the 6/17 one to enter RCM. My jig works perfectly on the other two but not this one and the joycons work just fine. I messed with it maybe a dozen times and just gave up as I don’t really want to hack...
  6. thorasgar

    Hacking Starting up! Tips please?

    Hekate should verify your backup when you create it. Edit: Airplane Mode, maybe 90DNS if you have some ftp or private online stuff you want to do. Go online and get banned. Airplane mode always when you leave the house so you don’t get ambushed by a Nintendo Hotspot.
  7. thorasgar

    Has VR and 3D failed again?

    You don’t need a 12’x12’ play space for VR and there are only a few games that can utilize that kind space anyway. A 5x6’ space is just fine, just enough to be able to spin around with your arms out and take a couple of steps left or right. All I needed to do was take move a bookshelf and file...
  8. thorasgar

    Has VR and 3D failed again?

    FYI: With easily obtainable referral codes on reddit a new Rift is available for $312 delivered/no sales tax in the US direct from Oculus. $12 more than a Switch, of course you need a decent PC but you don’t need a 1080ti unless you are going for the big games, a 980 or 390x level card will do...
  9. thorasgar

    Comment by 'thorasgar' in 'I have been here 11 years, today.'

    I was a lurker back then but eventually joined up. Fondly remember helping get your Gateway setup. It sure put you in a good mood. :rofl2:
  10. thorasgar

    Gaming Super smash Bros ultimate will have day one patch

    Don’t you mean the update will require 6.3?:ph34r:
  11. thorasgar

    Comment by 'thorasgar' in 'TX vs Their Customers on their Forums'

    A round of drinks on me if they give meaningful credit.:grog:
  12. thorasgar

    Hacking Discussion What firmware version are you running? Should I upgrade to 6.1.0?

    I am still on 5.1 but know I will have to upgrade at some point soon if I want to install updates. You know SSBU will have an update fairly quickly that will require 6.x. Is there any benefit to using ChoiDujourNX and not burning fuses? Maybe but it I figure having options is always better...
  13. thorasgar

    Hacking The Curse of 2144-0001

    The only times I have encountered this error is twice with SSBU 25E on REINX on ExFat sd when starting the game.
  14. thorasgar

    Nintendo breaks sales records over Thanksgiving sales week

    Not a one but I have three Switches. Oh, and all those dismal sales numbers, especially the games, clearly indicate piracy has killed the Switch. :rolleyes:
  15. thorasgar

    Nintendo puts rumors of Skyward Sword on Switch to rest, no current plans for a port

    There was a big tour in the US in 2017. It came to my town in November but the cost to take a family of 4 was outrageous. So I ended up buying a CFW only Switch instead. :rofl:
  16. thorasgar

    Hacking Smash Ultimate Brick poll

    I don’t think you can be 100% certain of that. Depends if the timebomb was designed with that scenario in mind or not.
  17. thorasgar

    Hacking AutoRCM and XCI brick check

    1. If you bleed out in RCM just let it charge for 6 hours or so and try again. It charges but very slowly.
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