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  1. heretic97

    ROM Hack it is possible load a custom banner for a physical game using luma?

    hi, recently i bought a copy of inazuma eleven chronostone thunderflash, and now i have a problem with the banner (check the imgur link) cause the game is eur and my console is usa, using cwf i can run the game without problems but the banner thing... so, it´s possible load a custom banner using...
  2. heretic97

    ROM Hack Restore the save file from monster hunter stories

    Is there a way to restore my sav in mhs? I extracted it correctly with SaveDataFiller and I played with it in the citra emulator, but when re-injecting the sav it doesn´t work
  3. heretic97

    ROM Hack Full translation [Megaman exe operate shooting star JAP> ENG]

    A team on the Rockman Exe zone forum has completed the translation of the game Megaman exe operate shooting star, the patch can be downloaded from the original post on this link
  4. heretic97

    Hacking Is it possible to cancel the flashcard autoboot? ds lite

    hello, I want to know if you can cancel the autoboot of the flashcards when turning on the dslite, when I put original cartridges first it enters the menu, as I have it configured in the options, while the r4 skips that protocol and starts my flashcard is the R4 from the (the...
  5. heretic97

    ROM Hack fix berrys on pokemon emerald vc

    hii, i have a problem with my pkmn emerald vc on 3ds, the clock works correctly but the berries and tv daily events dont appears. how fix that? thanks PD: i found this .cia on that iso site
  6. heretic97

    ROM Hack Help with AGBsav9 on BS9

    Hi everyone How can I use agbsavp using luma8.1/BS9? I want to inject my save from emerald pokemon with its original size of 128 kb is there any other way to do this? Thanks
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