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  1. soulskeeper

    Hacking Pokemon bank without updating?

    Hello, I'm no as active as I used to be around here and I just got back to playing my Pokemon X so I can finish in time for Pokemon on the switch but I want to be able to transfer my Pokemon to my other games but my New 3DS XL is only on 11.1.0-34U firmware, don't remember which mod I used but...
  2. soulskeeper

    Hacking Internet is still available to modded users?

    Hi guys haven't been here for a while, just wanted to know if it was true Started to hear rumors around the time the switch was released that all modded 3DS users are banned from any network access even if they used a modded 3DS while connected to the internet once is there anything about that...
  3. soulskeeper

    Hacking New 3ds Xl on 9.2 what to do?

    Hi guys, its been a long time since iv'e been here, I came back when I saw in my twitter about ninjhax being able to operate on 11.1.0-34FW so I was wondering what do I need to use now in order to make my New 3DS XL(which i downgraded to 9.2 from 9.5 backwhen) have an emunand that I am able to...
  4. soulskeeper

    Hacking Failed downgrade what to do?

    Hi guys, my N3ds xl 9.5 didn't downgrade successfully to 9.2, it says 9.2 when I check the FW but when I did the downgrade check it said my downgrade didn't fully install so what should I do now? can I use sysupdater directly from the current non complete 9.2? do I have to upgrade to 10.3 and...
  5. soulskeeper

    Hacking do i need to downgrade again?

    Hi guys, I saw a few people saying they didn't get a full downgrade and I am wondering if I got this msg after downgrading means it didn't do a the full job(it didn't seem to install a lot of files but I could be wrong):
  6. soulskeeper

    Hacking Getting CIA file informations... screen while downgrading what to do?

    Hi guys, I got a N3ds XL 9.5 sysnand and I tried to downgrade it by lunching sysupdater with menuhax and after I pressed Y I got this: what should I do? should I restart and try again or will it brick my console? how do I solve this?
  7. soulskeeper

    Hacking N3DS Xl 9.5 sysNand, should I downgrade?

    Hi guys, I have a 9.5 sysnand N3ds and the main thread for downgrading is 150 pages long(insane!) how can I know if it's safe do downgrade or not? and what is the best method? should I even downgrade or just wait for the "gateway 10.3 emuNand support"? P.S-I also own a fully hacked O3ds,so...
  8. soulskeeper

    Hacking what's usereland privilege escalation attack?

    in the hackers video on 37:27 he mentioned this line: "for similar userland privilege escalation attack look up rohax" what was he talking about?
  9. soulskeeper

    Hacking What is the easiest way to extract a save file from a CIA?

    hi guys, just wanna know really quick what is the easiest way to extract the save file from the cia and also the method to insert it right back in I have an O3ds xl 9.2 sysnand latest amunand
  10. soulskeeper

    Hacking MenuHax stuck at yellow screen occasionally what to do?

    Hi guys, I have set up MenuHax to boot my emunand on startup without me needing to press anything(need to hold r to run sysnand),but sometimes I get stuck at a yellow bottom screen and I need to turn my system of and try again, is there any work around for this situation? and another thing do I...
  11. soulskeeper

    Hacking How to install cia and no get banned online?

    Hi guys, I have seen a lot of people arguing about how to install cia's for online play and I want to know once and for all, can anything go wrong or I can just install what ever cia I want and I wont get banned? and if so is there anything I should know about before installing them and how do...
  12. soulskeeper

    Hacking Should I update my emuNAND or install FBI first?

    Hi guys, I finished all the other steps, the last step I did was to unlink the sys and emu nands. should I first update the FW or install the FBI first? and about the update should I just update to the latest version through system update?
  13. soulskeeper

    Hacking got a 6.2.0-12u can really use some help about CFW and stuff

    Hi guys, I finally got my O3ds XL SYSnand 6.2.0-12u although I read a lot about what needs to be done I don't want to make any mistakes and I will appreciate if you guys could help me step by step about everything that needs to be done from the initial back of the original SYSnand to how to...
  14. soulskeeper

    Hacking Black Nintendo 3DS XL with (Pre-installed) Super Mario 3D Land Game will be 9.2 sysnand?

    Hi guys, real quick is a Black Nintendo 3DS XL (Pre-installed) Super Mario 3D Land Game will come with 9.2 sysnand or they probably updated the FW?
  15. soulskeeper

    Hacking Wii U Black friday

    Hi guys, I want to 1 or 2 Wii U consoles(for me and one for someone's B-day) and I know almost nothing about the Wii U, I have a Wii with homebrew anyway I was wondering if anyone know where can I purchase the console with a really good price on black Friday and how can I know its in a hackable...
  16. soulskeeper

    Hardware Looking to buy a Geforce GTX 980 TI

    Hi guys, I'm planning to get the HTC Vive VR set and I need a new Graphic card, mine is GeForce GTX 660 TI, I bought about 3 years ago and I need a new one for the VR experience, but when I look at amazon I see all kinds of GTX 980 TI 1. how do I know which one to choose and what each of them...
  17. soulskeeper

    Hacking Can't use RTS with my r4i gold 3ds on pokemone white 2

    Hi guys, I use r4i gold 3ds rts for my ds games on my n3ds xl but I cant use RTS on Pokémon white 1 and 2 and there is NOTHING about it on google its the weirdest thing ever anyone knows what to do about it?(Pokémon white 1 and 2 are the only games I can't use rts)
  18. soulskeeper

    Hacking So no eshop spoofing in the future?

    have a 9.5.0 sysNAND, should I give up?
  19. soulskeeper

    Hacking 9.5.0 sysNAND want to use pokemon bank

    Hi guys, got a 9.5.0 sysNAND N3ds XL and I really want to use poke' bank to transfer all of my Pokémon(from Pokémon White 2) to my Pokémon X I don't want to update is there a possibility to do that? or should I just update anyway cuz I am using a sky3ds T.T?
  20. soulskeeper

    Hardware Cheap games to israel

    anyone knows a place I can buy really cheap games(like 2$-7$) which also ships to Israel?(if the shipping is it too expensive it will be counter productive :P)
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