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    Gaming Gran Turismo 5 music i.d.

    Hey all, i need help. There is a track in pre-race lobbies or post-race when results are displayed that is not part of the game's soundtrack. It's a funky house track and the lyrics g o somethign like ''maybe i don't know, why i love you so'' If anyone can tell me that track's name and artist...
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    Hacking need help with G1 Jockey wii please

    Hi all. This game is only available as PAL, i'm on ntsc wii, 4.2 softmodded, run it through usb loaders with video patch and force ntsc makes the game boot but i can't see the first line of text when any character speaks and i can't see the whole game screen. anyone got this one to work...
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    looking for a game

    Hi all. I've been looking for a nes game for a while now, can't remember much about it, almost nothing in fact. It's an rpg and all i can remember is.... get ready for this... you can play some musical instrument by the sea and it calls a dolphin for you to ride on... If on just that...
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    looking for a game

    Hi all. EDIT: mods please delete, i don't know why but this post shouldn't exist, i posted only "hi all" by accident, edited the post with the rest and yet this "hi all" post alone still exists along my edited one. (oh btw, lol at the replies, this wasn't intentional i'm not a spammer don't...
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    Hacking wariowares smooth moves pal problems

    Hello i'm trying to run wario ware smooth moves pal on a ntsc 4.2 wii through either wiiflow or usb loader gx and both can't play it right. If i try to force ntsc or auto patch and boot, the wii freezes, if i leave it at system default, the game runs but gray and blury and zoomed (can't see...
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    Hacking cIOS troubles

    hi all. Started from a 4.2u sys menu wii I restored the trucha bug, now i'm trying ton install cios38 rev16. i choose ios36, it goes to "download content 23" then i get this error install failed ret= -1035 .....ok! press a to exit what am i doing wrong please? Thank you in advance
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    Hacking i'm stuck...

    Hi all. I used a guide that wasn't VERY specific about hacking a virgin 4.2 wii (serial LU4016XXXX). Now i have the homebrew channel installed i can play emulators, i tried to follow the steps to downgrade ios15 but then i didn't install a cIOS yet. Now the homebrew channel works but my...
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    Hacking oh my god what is going on?

    I am currently softmodding a 4.2u virgin wii serial LU4016XXXX I installed the homebrew channel using bannerbomb, everything was going well. i'm using this guide btw: now i'm at the trucha bug restoration part, copied all the files...
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    Hardware Wii drive question

    Excuse me if this been covered, i didn't find a clear answer to this yet. I have a LU4016XXXX serial. This wii was bought just before christmas so it's most probably a d3-2 board. If i want to use a device like drivekey to boot from DVDs or Flatmii from pc, would i ahev to replace just the...
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    Hacking flatmii question

    Hello. I got a wii for christmas and i'm thinking of course of modding it. The device that interests me the most if the flatmii but before ordering it i have a question. My girlfriend plays pc alot, so i'm wondering if the flatmii software sucks alot of memory from the pc, I.E. could i run an...
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    Gaming about psptube

    hello all last week i discovered psptube, got version 1.1 and all worked fine, since this morning tho i can't get youtube to show search results, all the other sites work i updated to version 1.3, my firmware is m33 3-71 3 but i don't think this has anything to do with my problem anyone...
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    Gaming About the Phoneix Wright series

    I,ve been out fo the loop for a while, besides that Edgeworth point and click thing, is there any other game announced? I,d rather have another classic PW game then just a classic point and click in the Pw universe game.
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    PS1/2 cannot advance in GTA4

    Hi all, i'm at a point in GTA4 where i can't advance, i have two contact points on the map, the mystery contact down by the odcks or playboy x, but when i go and walk into either of these arrows (mission trigger point) Nothing happens... i tried reloading, doing something secondary like a date...
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    The ancestor of Phoenix Wright

    Hi all, just wanted to let you all know i found a game i completely forgot about until recently. Famicom Detective Club part II. It's for the snes and was translated by Demiforce and tomato, the guy who is working on mother 3's translation right now. As the name suggests, you're a detective...
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    Hacking Homebrew am i doing something wrong?

    Hi i've read in many places that snes emulation is perfect on the psp, yet a bunch of games i tried lags, like kirby superstar or wild gun for example. I use a phat psp and snes9xTYL 0.4.2. ME, is that the latest version? If i could get a better snes emulation out of my psp, i'd be glad to...
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    Gaming best multiplayer games?

    Hey gbatemp people I just got my girlfriend a m3real and i was wondering what are the best multiplayer games we can get into? Please give me all your suggestions Thank you
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    Hacking Homebrew I need info please about slim

    Hello all i was wondering if any of you tried the new slim psp, and if yes, i got one major question, how's the d-pad on this one? did they finally fix this piece of crap? On phat psp, you will all remember the unresponsiveness and all, please let me know before i buy another psp, thanks
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    What is the best intro theme song to a video game?

    Well here i was sitting on my bed packing my things for i am moving soon... and i hit my old video games music cd collection... and i listened to them all.. i was in a trance. Wich got me wondering, wich is the bets? Was very hard for me to choose... but i ended up picking Wild Arms's Into...
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    Hacking m3 simply not detected

    Hi all Ok so tell me if i got something wrong here but the simply is supposed to be a passcard right? so i should be able to load it without a flashed ds right? (If Wrong, stop reading and tell me now thank you)So i just got a new black DS lite and i don't want to flash it honestly, but when...
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    Hacking Homebrew i need a little help

    ok guys, i know this is GBAtemp, and this is about nintendo... But i just got a psp and i'm very interested in learning more about playing backups or homebrew and stuff, can anybody direct me to a site that would be just as half as good as this one is for gba/ds? There are so many questions in...
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