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  1. lolz5521

    Hardware is it possible to put joycon analog stick on ps vita?

    my vita has broken analog stick in the past, and i replaced it with a new one, but recently it also broke, and the analog doesn't feel comfortable at all. so i was thinking is it possible to use joycon analog instead? at least from what I've seen their ribbon connector looks similar, but I'm not...
  2. lolz5521

    Hacking needs connect to internet when starting a game?

    just hacked my switch, and installed hollow knight on it. but when i trying to start the game, the switch tells me to connect to the internet. after reading some thread here, it seems i need to set my account as primary account? how do i do that? do i need to update to latest firmware in order...
  3. lolz5521

    Hacking PC -> PS vita asset swap tutorial?

    there some games that i wanted to play on ps vita but unfortunately its in japanese, and i have seen some games on vita get translated using asset swap from PC version, but i can't find any details on how to do that. can somebody give me some instruction or tutorial for swapping the english asset?
  4. lolz5521

    Hacking avoid KP when running exploit?

    i saw a video here : it says in order to avoid kp, we just need to close web browser window when the exploit is loading, and then relaunching the exploit again. is that a viable way to do it? my ps4 keep getting kp from time to time so i'm looking for a solution.
  5. lolz5521

    Hardware Worth to buy a ps vita right now?

    well recently my 3ds got stolen and I'm bored as hell so I'm thinking of getting another handheld. is ps vita worth it nowadays? any pros and cons on that handheld?
  6. lolz5521

    Hacking menuhax + luma safe to update 11.3?

    is there any known risk or i just go with it?
  7. lolz5521

    Gaming MH Gen stuck at 6 star village quest?

    i have completed all village quest, and now i'm stuck at 6 star village quest, there's no new quest anymore. what should i do next?
  8. lolz5521

    Gaming Professor layton vs ace attorney completed save request?

    So i have completed the game before, back when i still using sky3ds. But now i want to play the dlc part. Anyone have the file?
  9. lolz5521

    Hacking need help installing CFW

    i have following this guide here : but when i told to launch emunand9 my 3ds just goes to blank screen and nothing happens, and i have to power it off. so what is the problem?
  10. lolz5521

    Hacking Anyone having problem with monster strike on sky3ds?

    the game not appearing even using region free launcher or hans. is it the template problem?
  11. lolz5521

    Hacking Should I update to 10.3 now?

    Okay so now I have a 10.1 console but I'm gonna wait until bought a 128 gb sd card to downgrade my console. I have seen some thread that downgrade from 10.3 are better? I asked this because if nintendo release 10.4 then I have to stuck downgrade from 10.1
  12. lolz5521

    ROM Hack Monster strike 3ds translation?

    Anyone interested on translating that game? No?
  13. lolz5521

    Hi! new member here.

    Recently bought a new 3DS XL with a Sky3DS card so i'm thinking joining this forum would further improve my knowledge on CFW, Hacking and stuff. please pardon me if you don't understand what i talking about since english are not my first language... really hope for a great friendly community...
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