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    Gaming Adding Unreal Tournament 3 mods

    Anyone had lucking adding .jam mod files via usb for Unreal Tournament 3? Whenever i try it says connect usb even though I already have a fat32 usb connected, tried both ports on superslim and placed .jam in root but the usb is not recognised. I have a pal iso of UT3 installed with titan pack...
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    Hacking Ps3Hen on 12gb SSlim external USB

    Hi, i have PS3HEN running on a 12GB Super Slim and now runnong out of space with less than 3gb remaining. I have a 32gb USB stick and 4tb Western Digital portable hard drive. I tried to follow a guide to install games on external fat32 USB, e.g. a 9GB PKG, the issue is that using prepISO there...
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    Hacking Ntsc ps2 on pal ps3Hen

    I just installed ps3 hen on my pal ps3 super slim and followed a guide by mrmario2011 to encrypt an ntsc version of unreal tournament ps2 iso to pkg then installed it using multimanmod. The only thing different to the guide was there was no config file to load while converting it. However, when...
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    Hacking Uninstall Haxchi

    Hi, I am looking to sell my wii u to a shop who won't buy it if it is modified. I have haxchi installed over a ds game on the system storage, is it simply a case of uninstallling it from the wii u settings menu or does it have to be done in a certain way?
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    Homebrew Uninstall unlaumch twilight etc?

    Hi, I used a guide to install the dsi memory pit hack some time ago, any idea how to uninstall this?
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    Hacking HEN - Installing updates and dlc

    Hi, I use PS3 Hen and have Unreal Tournament 3 installed which I start in games folder in multiman then it shows up on xmb and can be started. Can I install updates and dlc from PS Network like the Titan pack? When I try to download from the menu in game it says not signed in even though I...
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    Hacking Ps3 super slim hack for a noob

    Hi, I never had a ps3 until today, I have a super slim 500gb, Cech 4203C model System Software 4.76 What would be the best way to mod it, I have read about Hen and seen some youtube clips but not sure if they are reliable. Also if I install ps backups would that risk getting banned? Can this...
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    Hacking 4tb hard drive set up?

    Hi, I am currently using a 250gb hdd which is almost full. I don't have vwii modded and only use VC installs on wiiu side for wii games. I have a nintendont forwarder with gcn games on sd but hoping to move to new hdd. I have a spare 4tb wd my passport which I am thinking of using (just...
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    Homebrew P-UAE Input Help

    Hi, Is there any way to use dpad on P-UAE? I can only use the analogue stick for both classic controller and wii gamepad. Also, is it possible to map Amiga keyboard keys to a button eg spacebar to the 'x' button? Many thanks
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    Hardware Dev mode internal storage transfer

    I had an original xbox one for which I installed dev mod and transferred just under 5 gigs of roms from external usb to the internal storage through file browser without adjusting any settings. I now have an Xbox One X and installed dev mode. But now as soon as I get to about 2.5 gigs of roms...
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