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  1. Trolly

    Comment by 'Trolly' in 'I'm a sinner'

    This sounds like a fantastic game but I don't want to spend money on a strategy until I know I still like strategy games aha. I haven't played a strategy game since AoE III, so I need to be sure.
  2. Trolly

    Comment by 'Trolly' in 'I need help... please.'

    Well, look at the bright side. You've just learnt a valuable life lesson, and you're not likely to get much in the way of punishment. Chin up, you'll know better in future and you'll live through this one unscathed as long as you're honest.
  3. Trolly

    Comment by 'Trolly' in 'Mugged'

    Yeah, I remember a while ago these chavs asked me whether I had a phone on me, whether they could borrow a pound, and pretty much gave me the signs they were going to mug me. Then when I tried to get off the bus they pulled my hood back, and I just panicked and lashed out like you did. Just...
  4. Trolly

    Comment by 'Trolly' in 'I'm father for second time...'

    Yeah, congrats dude, I'm only 17 but I look forward to the day I get to be a father. Obviously providing I'm with the right person (Y). That's an awesome action shot as well there, mid-squeal XD.
  5. Trolly

    Comment by 'Trolly' in 'Well THAT good night's sleep is ruined'

    Psssh, no, it only happens on rare occasion. I'm not the kind of person to get all depressive, trust me aha. However, I think your comment may just apply to this guy XD. Sounds pretty graphic though, unlucky :/.
  6. Trolly

    Comment by 'Trolly' in 'Well THAT good night's sleep is ruined'

    I just tend to have nightmares about the people that matter most to me dying, as it's what I seem to fear most. Perhaps it's simply that you care for your dog an awful lot and don't want to see it die?
  7. Trolly

    Comment by 'Trolly' in 'TPB 'Sellout''

    Yeah, but aren't they filtering the TV shows and films that go on due to pressure from the court cases? Or has that blown over now?
  8. Trolly

    Comment by 'Trolly' in 'Devil in My Ice'

    Wow, that's an elaborate joke XD, I'm surprised you could be bothered to think that up lol.
  9. Trolly

    Comment by 'Trolly' in 'I know this is pretty stupid but...'

    Agreed, what are you, a woman? I have one pair of trainers. I'd call someone with 3 trainers indecisive, never mind wanting to get two more pairs. And then you never even look at your feet, what impact does a pair of shoes have on your life? Just get a phone, it's a million times more useful...
  10. Trolly

    Comment by 'Trolly' in 'I guess I'm getting a DSi?'

    You mean 8GB ;). Plus, that guy is crazy, must not know what he's doing with technology 'cause that's ridiculous.
  11. Trolly

    Comment by 'Trolly' in 'I just saw UP'

    HE HAS NO HEART :wtf: . Seriously though, IGN gave this an amazing review (10/10), sounds like it absolutely fantastic. After seeing Wall-E a few months ago, I remembered just how awesome Pixar are. Seems I'll have to go back and watch Ratatouille as well, as I never saw that. Cars is...
  12. Trolly

    Comment by 'Trolly' in 'I had to get a Facebook account.'

    Oh, I use Facebook loads, seeing as all my classmates and friends are on it. Plus, instant entertainment with all the crappy quizzes and flash games. It's more low maintenance than a MySpace account as well, and it's far easier to use, I've totally given up on MySpace tbh.
  13. Trolly

    Comment by 'Trolly' in 'Freaking Out Right Now'

    You laughed at your friend for having a ball removed? Man, I'd love you as a friend XD.
  14. Trolly

    Comment by 'Trolly' in 'Freaking Out Right Now'

    Wow, very unlucky, I'd freak too. Hope it's nothing mate.
  15. Trolly


    So basically, I'm playing through Half-Life 2 Episode 2 again, and I figured I'd get all the achievements I missed first time. I've got a few I missed already, but unfortunately 'Get Some Grub' proved too hard, and even though I spent ages looking for every antlion grub I missed 4. I thought I...
  16. Trolly

    Comment by 'Trolly' in 'AS/A-Level examz..'

    Yeah, same, and C1 and C2 weren't half bad I reckon. I thought I would fail, but I answered most of the questions knowing what I put is right. Hooray for stress-free-ness, and having a week off school :D. Results are due out while I'm on holiday which is irritating, I can't remember the exact...
  17. Trolly

    Comment by 'Trolly' in 'first kiss'

    Mine's kinda shameful now I remember it. Me and some mates were going to Drayton Manor (theme park), and this girl with us was going out with one of my mates. He was a complete idiot and dumped her after making out with her on a ride, and as you can imagine she cried her eyes out. But later I...
  18. Trolly

    Comment by 'Trolly' in 'AS/A-Level examz..'

    Ooh, I has Maths C1 and C2 tomorrow, along with Physics Unit 2 (which is, would you believe it, mechanics) :\. Someone come and save me, 3 exams in one day is too much, and they're all maths-based :(. Thankfully that's it, and I then have next week off! Aha, Edexcel have done the same. When we...
  19. Trolly

    Comment by 'Trolly' in 'Craziest Shit Happened Today at the Barber'

    Asked about E3? It's not likely he'd know a thing about it, I mean nothing has leaked so presumably only the big cheeses know what's going on.
  20. Trolly

    Comment by 'Trolly' in 'New iPhone 3g'

    Apple have been a bastard here, both the iPod Touch and iPhone have internal bluetooth but they haven't been activated or used by software yet. It should be activated around the time of the 3G iPhone though. Admittedly you have some good points phone-wise, and that's partly why i got an iPod...
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