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  1. face235

    Boot9strap updated to 1.4

    I'm probably in the same boat as ya'll are. I arrived in the 3DS hacking scene near the tail end of RxTools. I switched to A9LH, and then made the switch over to B9S. Granted, it's been years since I done it. Looks like it's time for me to dust off the old O3DSXL and give it some serious...
  2. face235

    Ocarina of Time PC port Ship of Harkinian details new features including 60FPS mode

    I got it to work! I was really, really sleepy when i was doing that. Having said that, I'm actually wanting to play the Master Quest version since I haven't done that since 2017 when I got my hands on OoT3D. But I am a patient man. I can wait and dream. I wouldn't be surprised if any of the mad...
  3. face235

    Ocarina of Time PC port Ship of Harkinian details new features including 60FPS mode

    I was utterly confused by which rom/iso I needed to use so I gave up. I'm going to wait until the US Gamecube iso that I have the physical copy of can be used, because I don't need to go on the internet to download it. All I have to do is dump it.
  4. face235

    Final Fantasy XVI is reportedly in the "final stages of development"

    It really feels like it sometimes. Yoshi-P is the man behind this game BECAUSE of FFXV and how it was mishandled. He's the one with the proven record of turning things around, and he has the team that made Heavensward on the project.
  5. face235

    Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack pricing information revealed

    Let me think very long and hard about this. Uh, let's see.... I got it! HELL NO.
  6. face235

    Dbrand no longer selling PS5 faceplates after Sony threatens legal action

    I do wonder what this company was thinking trying to aggro the beast that is Sony. It never occurred to them to ask permission?
  7. face235

    Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster versions of 1, 2, and 3 to launch at the end of July

    I just find it strange that this isn't being ported to every console known to man. I'd pass on it either way since I have other ways of playing them, but options would be nice. But why would they tout a Bestiary and Music Player as new features? I am confused by this. Those are not new, they...
  8. face235

    Suicide of Near, bsnes and higan developer

    Damn. I have almost no words for this... Just, damn...
  9. face235

    GBAtemp Exclusive GBAtemp Recommends: Pokemon XG Romhack

    I made sure to credit him when I brought the game up back in 2018 for the contest I entered it in, AND I posted a link straight to the source.
  10. face235

    GBAtemp Exclusive GBAtemp Recommends: Pokemon XG Romhack

    I was wondering when this mod was going to get the recognition it deserves. This was the game I had nominated for Hack of the Year in 2018, but it got roflstomped hard by a Ni no Kuni DS translation. As for where the mod itself is located, it is here...
  11. face235

    Analogue Pocket pre-orders open next month

    Two words: HARD PASS!
  12. face235

    'Cuphead' gets surprise release on PS4 today

    I too thought it was already on the PS4 as well.
  13. face235

    The Meme Box

    I don't think I posted the picture correctly. :(
  14. face235

    The Meme Box

    Don't ask for pineapple, you monster!
  15. face235

    Kingdom Hearts series gets a new rhythm game titled Melody of Memory

    Well played, Square-Enix, well played.
  16. face235

    Gaming Welcome to Eorzia! Everyone who got FFXIV for free over the weekend!

    No. :( Monday was the last day to get the base game for free. Which is why I was surprised it wasn't mentioned here at all. -_-
  17. face235

    Gaming Welcome to Eorzia! Everyone who got FFXIV for free over the weekend!

    Over the extended weekend, Square-Enix gave away the base game of Final Fantasy XIV to everyone with a PS4. Also, PS+ is not required to play it online. Although I am actually surprised that it wasn't mentioned here at all... So welcome aboard! May your journey be full of fun memories and may...
  18. face235

    Mafia I remake revealed, Mafia II: Definitive Edition remaster releases today

    Mafia not stupid! Mafia went to university! Mafia have PhD in Mafia! (I'm interested in this!)
  19. face235

    Pokemon Journeys: The Series heads to Netflix as an exclusive

    This should be interesting as I'm someone who returned to the anime for Sun/Moon. I stopped watching back in Hoenn shortly after the Thunder Armor episode. I was impressed with how much better the show was than all 4 Gen 7 games put together. I actually thought I was in a parallel universe or...
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