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  1. Dcep1501

    New USB Loader GX “SynthWiive” theme

    Hey all! Finished working on a Synthwave theme for USB LoaderGX. Here’s an overview vid and tutorial w links. Hope you all enjoy the Synth vibes! 2021 Wii USB Loader GX Synthwave Theme "SynthWiive"
  2. Dcep1501

    Homebrew Wiiware VC games now don't work from SD menu

    So I usually play my Wiiware/VC compatible games in USB Loader GX installed with emunand dump, etc. Recently though I tried to add a game (Castlevania and Gyrostarr) to USB Loader which both didn't load. I then tried to play them from the Wii SD card menu screen and now I get a message saying...
  3. Dcep1501

    Hacking Please help with converting wiimote buttons to CC support!

    Hi all! I've been researching how to do this for a year and still just can't get it to work. All I'm trying to do is get two Wiiware games (Frogger Hyper Edition and Burgertime World Tour) to be played with a Classic Controller, or more specifically my arcade sticks. Can someone please, PLEASE...
  4. Dcep1501

    Homebrew Super Mario Odyssey 64 (Wii64) slow

    So I tried running this on Wii64 Rice and Not64 but they're both pretty slow with low frame-rate. I also tried adding FB textures but didn't have any luck. Has anyone here had any success playing this on their Wii with Wii64 or Not64?
  5. Dcep1501

    Hacking Cheat codes for Sonic 4 Episode 1 not working in USB Loader GX

    Can anyone help with this? I have the correct .gct file and the correct text codes in the right folders and the game region number [WSNE] matches. I tried turning on several cheats in the USB Loader GX menu but they aren't working. Does anyone have a solution for this? I have a NTSC Wii, and...
  6. Dcep1501

    Homebrew Wii2600 and WiiSX emu-channel art (USB Loader GX issues)

    In usb loader GX I have all of my emu-channels working and the art for the emulators all work except for Wii2600 and WiiSX. I got them from GBATemp. Does anyone know what the issue might be? These are the ones I downloaded that aren't showing. Wii2600: D26A.png WiiSX: WPSX.PNG
  7. Dcep1501

    Hacking Wii system memory full but have 67 blocks open

    This message popped up today but i still have 67 blocks open, i didn't even try installing anything. Does anyone know why this is happening and how to fix it?
  8. Dcep1501

    Hacking Possible for color-changing Wii Menu screen?

    So it's 2019 and people are still hacking the Wii and creating new/updated mods. I'm hoping someone has been able to create a menu like the "DarkWii" theme but instead of one static color, it changes like an LED fade. Anyone know if this has been tried??
  9. Dcep1501

    Homebrew Possible animated Wii menu theme?

    So I've been wondering if it's possible to have the outlines on the menu fade from one color to another like an LED strip, as opposed to staying one static color (DarkWii Theme blue lines, for example). The Wii menu obviously allows animations such as the channels, so i hope someone has an...
  10. Dcep1501

    Homebrew SnesGX and GenPlus light gun games help

    Apparently Snes and Megadrive (Genesis) light gun games work with the wiimote, but not for me, of course. FCE Ultra GX Nintendo gun games work perfectly such as Duck Hunt and Hogan's Ally. Wiimote is recognized as the Zapper. However in Snes9x and GenPlus, I change the controller settings to the...
  11. Dcep1501

    Homebrew I need help with WiiSX bin files

    So I've searched online and can't find an answer to this; hope you can help. My PSX games have one cue file but multiple bin files labeled as 'tracks'. I know that I'm only supposed to have one cue and one bin, according to threads online. What do I do with the multiple bin files?
  12. Dcep1501

    Hacking [Help please!] Nintendon't Capcom vs SNK 2 Controller issue

    I'm using a Dreamgear fighting stick but also tried my Hori fighting stick and CC on the Wii. All of the buttons seem to be recognized on all controllers, but not the D-Pad, which is also the stick portion on the arcade joystick. The analog stick on the CC works but that is not what I want. Is...
  13. Dcep1501

    Homebrew Can I configure Wii Logitech Wheel for MAME/Retroarch?

    I have MAME and Retroarch on my Wii. Has anyone here managed, (or know how), to sync the Wii Force feedback Logitech Wheel? I've tried looking online, but no luck as of yet. Any help would be much appreciated!
  14. Dcep1501

    Homebrew What is "rice" referring to Wii64/Not64?

    I've looked all over and can't find any info. Running Not64 on Wii and want most of these games to work, and according to the posted compatibility list, the roms run smooth "on rice". Can someone help me out so I can get to some retro gaming? Otherwise, I'm just going to try shoving rice into my...
  15. Dcep1501

    Hacking Is Mario Kart CTGP Wii dead?

    I'm barely about to start playing this... late to the game. (Pun intended). Do people still play this, either offline or online? I'm mainly getting it for game night at my place. Also, is the project dead, or are people still designing tracks? It would be so cool if there were some Mario Kart 8...
  16. Dcep1501

    Hacking USB Loader GX code dump with controller plugged in :(

    When I have a pro controller plugged in to the wiimote, USB Loader GX seems to code up upon start up or changing games. Can someone give me some insight into this issue. Much appreciated!
  17. Dcep1501

    Hardware Logitech steering wheel for Wii patch?

    Hey all! So, title and all. I've seen something about this posted years ago but can't find it anymore. I know the Logitech wheel for Wii only works for a few games (NFS UC, F1 2009, SpeedZone, Dirt 2), but does anyone know of a patch to make it work, (with or without force feedback) on other...
  18. Dcep1501

    Hacking Channel forwarders won’t load Wii 4.0 ios60

    Help! I’ve tried everything and I’ve checked all the correct paths and naming conventions. Also have problems with wiiware wads when playing off of as card. Everything is off of the sad card (no hd). I have to use wananiko 1:1 menu patcher each time I want to play the wiiware games. So I read...
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