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  1. koziakauzu

    Hacking Discussion 6.0 Ban Watchout

    I totally understand why you'd get banned from accessing online games if you run backups/nsp because 1. well, piracy and 2. might cheat online. But I don't get the "superban" thing; pirates still have ways to update their games or system, but they'll block them to buy games ever again? That...
  2. koziakauzu

    Hacking What are things i should NOT do, so i dont get banned?

    Don't install any NSP (games, dlc), don't try to run game hacks/cheats and you'll be fine...
  3. koziakauzu

    Hacking Question devmenu.nsp out there ?

    What he means is if using the Smash icon and maybe its ID with the intention of hiding from nintendo that we are using DevMenu; then if they see it "as" Smash Bros, they'd definitely raise an eyebrow as well.
  4. koziakauzu

    Hacking What should I do before I start SX OS for the 1st time?

    Backing up your NAND means restoring it everytime you want to go online. And it still won't erase every traces of things you did with your switch. Useless unless you plan to do any "deeper" or more complex hacking. Just try to behave (no save editing, no cheat, no online with backup) and it...
  5. koziakauzu

    Hacking EZ Flash IV 2.0 Kernel Release - No more patching

    Mini SD ez4 version with non-SDHC microSD card via adapter, updated and running 2.01 fine if anyone wondering. Sent from my DP-CMX1 using Tapatalk
  6. koziakauzu

    Hacking A hacked switch has the potential to DESTROY psp.

    Get a GDP tablet, at 1/3 the cost, it does everything you want minus the switch. For now. Sent from my SM-G935K
  7. koziakauzu

    Hardware Anyone that has been affected by a dock or left joy-con issue, did you call Nintendo?

    Just a screen protector, ptu or glass one, the latter won't scratch. If so just replace it. Putting extra thickness inside the dock (Velcro, "made by my girlfriend" dock sock, etc) will scratch the back of your switch. Sent from my SM-G935K
  8. koziakauzu

    Hacking browserhax_fright_tx3g crashes Nintendo Switch

    System did sell, and very well yes, now ask developpers or look at the western developer releases. They all stopped releasing games because of piracy. It is well known. Same thing applies to the wii. Of course Japanese developers kept releasing games because they did sell well among Japanese...
  9. koziakauzu

    Hardware Anyone else pissed off you can't transfer saves between your multiple switches?

    What's the point of sharing saves? Might come later anyway. The OS is still bare Sent from my SM-G935K
  10. koziakauzu

    Everdrive GBA is finally a reality

    Obviously I don't live in the same country as you. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  11. koziakauzu

    Everdrive GBA is finally a reality

    $115 with shipping... I'll pass :(
  12. koziakauzu

    Hacking So, what do I need to do to play pirated games on Wii U?

    It's fine to talk about piracy now? Next step is to share iso directly
  13. koziakauzu

    [Release] BootRom Dumper (A9LH Only!)

    Nice, it bricked my 3DS
  14. koziakauzu

    Hacking Warning to UK customers buying EZ Flash IV carts...

    One seller on etsy ship them from UK
  15. koziakauzu

    Tutorial [Tutorial] Region change Japanese N3DS (not XL/LL) emuNAND

    My emunand is still linked to my nnid, is it safe to format the emunand through system menu? Will it format my sd card? (I don't care about my emunand, I don't need to back it up and I'm using sysnand a9lh for my current region games, that's where all my games and saves are, so I don't want to...
  16. koziakauzu

    Hacking Yifanlu releases 3ds cfw Cosmo3DS

    How and what did you have to edit in your secureinfo file?
  17. koziakauzu

    Hacking Yifanlu releases 3ds cfw Cosmo3DS

    I did follow one of the guides and successfully region-swapped my emunand from EUR to US on my N3DS last year and again recently. But it is still useless to me since I can't transfer my US O3DS system (NNID) to it as I don't have a virgin SecureInfo. I'm hoping that this cosmo thing would allow...
  18. koziakauzu

    Hacking Yifanlu releases 3ds cfw Cosmo3DS

    What are then the steps to do a system transfer between 2 different region? I'm desperately waiting for this day since I got my Eur N3DS. Is a region swap needed first? For the SecureInfo, I only have access to the one from the 3DS to transfer from..or a "public" one.
  19. koziakauzu

    Hacking Yifanlu releases 3ds cfw Cosmo3DS

    Can it be used to do a system transfer from let's say an US O3ds to Eur (region swapped to US) n3ds?
  20. koziakauzu

    Hacking 5.5.0 progress

    People don't get raided for hacking hardware and sharing what they do on a forum without giving access openly to pirated materials. The very few people who got raided in the past were because they attacked servers or tried to steal stuff from there, which is a crime. Not coding stuff. Jesus...
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