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  1. spoggi

    How to quit smoke cigarettes

    This thread is for any who wish to quit smoke and i want give some tips how to do it. Personaly i quit smoking cigarettes one year ago, and here's how. First cut down on cigarettes while smoking E-cig with 18mg fluid. Cut one cigarettes every 3 day, and when you are on 1 cigaret, smoke one...
  2. spoggi

    Why dont i get new alerts!

    Since yesterday i have not recived any new alerts But i did get one alert for a thread i have not followed for more than 6 month Aren't you supposed to get an alert when someone reply to a thread? What should i do Any help appreciated
  3. spoggi

    PS5 Jailbreak maybe coming soon

    Here is a video from today. Making this post just to keep hope in PS5 owners waiting for a jailbreak
  4. spoggi

    Diablo 2 resurrected whirlwind point button bugged?

    Hello im not able to add more than one point into whirlwind. Has anyone got the same experience with this or has i done something wrong. Help needed i already used my respec option. Wanted to add that it is the pc version
  5. spoggi

    Unable to restore save with Edizon on AMS 1.1.1

    Im unable to restore Diablo 3 eternal collection save with Edizon. When im restoring save the game is taken back to the start. Anyone know what's wrong or knows about a fix to this problem. Emunand 13.0.0 AMS 1.1.1 Bummer if Edizon is broken on AMS 1.1.1 My latest D3 char was on paragon 890...
  6. spoggi

    Mikefor20 done it again

    Dude dont get close to another Sxos tread again.You'll just get them shut down like last week. 11.0.1 firmware and still no SXOS update remember. Mabye you are the troll and not all the others you rage against.
  7. spoggi

    Hacking Hekate more config no ini or boot entry found

    Can someone please tell why when i press more config in hekate it say no ini or boot entries found. My ini contains more than one entry so why. I just want it to work before i update to 11.0.1 I posted a screenshot of the hekate ini. So mabye someone can tell whats wrong.
  8. spoggi

    Hacking Updating Atmosphere to 11.0.1

    Hello Will updating Atmosphere emunand to 11.0.1 affect Sx os emunand wich is on 11.0. Im not sharing the Sx os emunand. So what im asking if i update Atmosphere to 11.0.1 will Sx os be updated as well.
  9. spoggi

    Gaming What happened to the nx-rom-market thread

    Why has it been deleted. Is the program safe to use. Would like to but after the thread got deleted i'm having second thoughts about it.
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