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    Retroarch is now on Retail Mode (Xbox Series S/X)

    Updating retail is not that painful. I have used the following method to update last 2 times and it has worked fine 1) install and run new retroarch (eg RAxyz) with old one still in place (eg RAabc) 2) in old RAabc delete retroarch.cfg, playlists, and in config folder the dolphin-emu.cfg I...
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    Emulation At similar price (Series S and One X) getting one for mainly emulation

    Very surprised to see that as they were a slideshow for me when I last had a one x just 3 months ago.
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    Emulation At similar price (Series S and One X) getting one for mainly emulation

    Eh? On the xbox one x? That can't be correct, every wii/ gcn/ ps2 title I tested on the one x did not run full speed apart from a 2d game called Hudson selection 4 adventure island. Psp and flycast fared better but even then fmvs were choppy eg mk4 gold on one x but zero issues on series s...
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    Emulation At similar price (Series S and One X) getting one for mainly emulation

    Having had a one x and series s both on and off, selling one then buying the other and repeating the cycle few times, I have decided to stick with the series s. All my games are digital and I have a 4tb external hdd. But to be honest, I hardly play xbox one or 360 games simply because 99% of...
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    Homebrew Official Retroarch WiiU (wip.)

    Glad the WiiU RA seems to be fixing all the bugs finally. If the Series S is anything to go by, it runs too good. Just played ps2 versions of Unreal Tournament and Half Life at 1080p running full speed. Imo, ps2 runs perfect for the handful of games I tried. Dolphin is ok in most titles but...
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    Hacking Nintendont

    Sorry for quoting a 4 yrs old post. Just to clarify, do you have to run c2w sign patcher before running nintendont or is it already unlocked by default? I have nintendont channel installed on usb hard drive (on wiiu homescreen) and games on sd card. Thanks.
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    Homebrew Coldboot Mocha?

    I had haxchi for over 3 years and only last week upgraded to CBHC. (Had young kids and couldn't risk a brick) Shove the ds game to last page of homescreen, out of sight out of mind. Having recently sold a one x and ps3, I just have a wii u and a 360 with kinect. The wii u gets used more...
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    Homebrew The Wii U Homebrew Request Thread

    Would love a 720p port of Skyforce Reloaded. Skyforce Anniversary runs at 1080p but has a few moments of slowdown so 720p seems possible for reloaded. Probably won't happen but I can dream.
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    Homebrew Sign c2w Patcher forwarder channel

    Sorry for the late post but is it possible to rename c2w.elf to mocha.elf and place in mocha folder instead of homebrew then autoboot mocha to load c2w? Just in case it bricks I want to ask first. Edit: renamed the sig patcher elf to mocha.elf and deleted all other files in mocha folder so...
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    Homebrew WiiSX RX - A new fork.

    Recently discovered this gem of an emu for my wii u. Can't believe crash 1 and 2 run perfect speed with overclock. Setting wii u to 1080p and adjusting settings on my tv makes these games look equal or better than the ps1 emulation on ps3. That is a great feat. Also tekken 3 runs 49-55 fps with...
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    Homebrew PPSSPP discussion and testing thread

    I tried ultimate gng european ed with the next build on settings from last page and I was getting some dips in framerate then I changed buffered to non-buffered/ faster (with missing effects) and was getting consistent 30fps. But sometimes the background would change to a pinkish colour in game...
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    Homebrew PPSSPP discussion and testing thread

    Thats great news, gonna donwload this again then, thanks.
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    Homebrew PPSSPP discussion and testing thread

    Thanks for letting me know.
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    Homebrew How to launch Haxchi and simple signature hack without gamepad?

    Gonna give these a shot. Do you simply replace the haxchi.elf from the one installed on your github page or do these all have to be installed via the haxchi installer? Thanks Edit: I tried all these by replacing the haxchi.elf in the wiiu/apps folder and none worked with the overclock app. Oh...
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    Homebrew PPSSPP discussion and testing thread

    How does ultimate ghosts and goblins perform? If it runs full speed I might download this emu again, from memory it was laggy a few years ago.
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    Homebrew Official Retroarch WiiU (wip.)

    Wow thanks Ploggy, who knows one day it may reach a playable state. Also, apologies if this has been asked before, is there any way to make shaders work on 1.9.3? I placed the slangp shaders in shader folder but everytime I try to load any shader it says failed to apply shader. Edit...
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    Tutorial how to increase the amount of storage in dev mode

    I have now sold my xbox one x and now using a ps3 and wii u for my retro needs. Thanks anyway.
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    Gaming Adding Unreal Tournament 3 mods

    Anyone had lucking adding .jam mod files via usb for Unreal Tournament 3? Whenever i try it says connect usb even though I already have a fat32 usb connected, tried both ports on superslim and placed .jam in root but the usb is not recognised. I have a pal iso of UT3 installed with titan pack...
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    Hacking Ps3 super slim hack for a noob

    Just to confirm I sold my one x and got a superslim again and ps3hen'd it, installed a 480gb ssd and all is good. Also have a usb adapter for wii u pro controller and it works perfectly. Happy days.
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    Hacking Ps3Hen on 12gb SSlim external USB

    Ok thanks UPDATE - No need to reinstall hen or anything. I installed a 480gb ssd and it gave option to install items on ineternal 12gb flash onto new hard drive and all transferred over and working fine including hen.
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