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  1. Jaems

    Hacking Haven't used my Acekard 2i in a while, need some assistance.

    So I bought my Acekard 2i nearly 2 years ago and kinda fell off playing DS games for a while. Decided to play some stuff in the backlog recently, only to find my DSLite falling apart (fucking hinges). I was looking at maybe purchasing a DSi/DSiXL or a 3DS to replace it. However, having browsed...
  2. Jaems

    Hacking Have an old 360 Elite. What can I do with it?

    A friend of mine recently just gave me a 360 Elite he didn't want anymore. Me, never having owned an Xbox 360 before, am not sure what I'm able to do with the thing. I would like to be able to load backups from the harddrive, but I'm not sure what that entails. I'm not interested at all in Xbox...
  3. Jaems

    Hardware Wii not reading DVD+Rs

    I have a bunch of games that I haven't played in a while and backed up on DVD+Rs. They used to work completely fine as far as I remember. Recently, however, the Wii refuses to read them. I did install a shitton of cIOSs and IOSs to play more recent games that I now play through USB, It's not...
  4. Jaems

    Hacking Golden Sun still not working?

    I'm new to Acekard, I just got my AK2i a couple days ago, installed the newest version of AKAIO , and applied a cute skin and everything Anyway, I tried booting up Golden Sun: Dark Dawn today, and whaddaya know, it started fine. I entered my character name, and was forced to watch this...
  5. Jaems

    Gaming Getting a new flashcart. Which one should I get?

    I used to have an M3 Real, which I loved to death and used nearly everyday. But my girlfriend's birthday came around the bend, and as a last-minute gift, I gave her my M3 Real and a DS. For the past year I haven't played any DS, cuz I've been busy with school and shit. But I wanna get another...
  6. Jaems

    Hacking I want to access the Wii Shop Channel (I'm on 4.0U)

    So today, I clicked on the Wii Shop Channel, and it asked me to do a System Update. I haven't been on my Wii for a whiiiiiiiiile, as evident by my 4.0U. I don't know what IOSes I have installed in the past to get games working or whatever. What should I do to be able to access the Wii Shop...
  7. Jaems

    Gaming God of War 3

    Can't believe there isn't a topic for this yet! This game is fucking amazing! I'm at the final boss already (it's about 10 hours long), and I'm so sad it's about to end.
  8. Jaems


    Does anyone else like this Danish dreampop trio? Or am I all alone?
  9. Jaems

    What's something that's really cool that is $50 or under?

    My friend has a $50 pre-paid debit card, and he wants to spend it on something very cool, not just a video game, but something awesome. I really can't think of anything, but I know YOU GUYS can! So, come on guys, what's really cool/interesting and is well-worth $50?
  10. Jaems

    Hacking Updating to 4.2?

    I haven't kept up to date with all this cIOS and updating mumbo jumbo, and never have. But I remember hearing that 4.2 is a death trap. Problem is, I feel like browsing the Wii Shop Channel, but it tells me I must first update my Wii. Now, I have a Wiikey v1 installed, Homebrew Channel, illegit...
  11. Jaems

    Hacking cIOS 249?

    I'm trying to use DOP-IOS to get NSMB to work on the Disc Channel. However, I want to make sure I can use the app, and it tells me I need to have cIOS 249 installed. Is there a way to check if I already have it installed? And if not, would it cause harm to install it on a 4.0U hardmodded Wii...
  12. Jaems

    PS1/2 Uncharted 2

    Anyone else get it? I've on Chapter 7 right now and it's been a blast so far.
  13. Jaems

    The Protomen's ACT II: Father of Death

    To anyone who really loves Megaman, rock music, and operas, here comes The Protomen's second album: ACT II: The Father of Death Buy here: They sell all their CDs for only $10 each! Support 'em if you like 'em... I don't think they make much money. They're an awesome...
  14. Jaems

    Hacking Is updating to 4.1 by disc safe?

    I got meself The Beatles: Rock Band, and with it comes an update on the disc. So, is it safe for me to update? Will anything stop working or will my Wii explode? I have a 4.0U Wii, Homebrew Channel, Wiikey 1.9s, Bootmii and some DLed WADs on my SD card. Thanks fellas.
  15. Jaems

    Hacking How do I setup the Supercard DSONEi?

    So I just got one of these cards, and I've been trying to set it up with no avail. I went to this site: And downloaded the OS SP8, put scshell and MSFORCS.NDS on the root of my microSD Popped it in my DSLite and got nothing, just a blank icon on...
  16. Jaems

    District 9

    I saw this film on Sunday and thought it was absolutely brilliant. One of the best films I've seen this year, and the best I've seen at the cinema this year. It had an original concept, original story, and a well-written script. The special effects and action were spectacular, stunning...
  17. Jaems

    PS1/2 Anyone willing to gameshare the Warhawk expansions?

    I be lookin' for a person generous to gameshare the Warhawk expansions with me. In exchange, I could gameshare Fat Princess, Flower, or Pixeljunk eden (Sorry that's all I got).
  18. Jaems

    What if?

    Okay I was thinking about this all day yesterday because I had nothing better to do. Okay like. What if, like every Nintendo rep and everyone who worked at Nintendo decided, "You know... I hate the fucking world." And on that very day they make an announcement to the world that there's a new...
  19. Jaems

    Hacking So uh..

    Any news on a version of Sakura with near-perfect homebrew support yet?
  20. Jaems

    Hardware Where could I get my Wiimote fixed?

    Alright, I bought a Wiimote at launch (November 2006) and it broke actually last summer. The battery receptor thingies are faulty, so like, even with batteries in the Wiimote, it doesn't power on. I've been far too lazy so far to try and get it fixed or to buy another one. But now I feel like I...
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