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  1. flatgba

    ROM Hack GBA Doom wad conversions (open for suggestions!)

    Yeah that would be awesome! But HACX is probably too much for the limitations of gba prboom. :unsure:
  2. flatgba

    ROM Hack GBA Doom wad conversions (open for suggestions!)

    Wow, tons of thanks for the fix! Thank you!!!!! Some time ago when prboom gba was released, someone on a channel demonstrated a CounterStrike conversion on the gba that worked with modded weapons and enemies. The game would only crash when pressing the exit switch of a map (but could still...
  3. flatgba

    ROM Hack GBA Doom wad conversions (open for suggestions!)

    I have now just tried it on the easiest difficulty level with the same results (freeze). :unsure:
  4. flatgba

    ROM Hack GBA Doom wad conversions (open for suggestions!)

    Well then I need the Pink DS Lite with a Supercard in it. :D
  5. flatgba

    ROM Hack GBA Doom wad conversions (open for suggestions!)

    Thanks for the video. The barrel on the first map seems to not freeze, but some barrels on the second map, and definitely the barrel in the left room (in front of the window that has the blue sphere health powerup on the third map) causes the freeze after exploding. Hmm..dunno what it could...
  6. flatgba

    ROM Hack GBA Doom wad conversions (open for suggestions!)

    I shall give it a shot on my Pink DS Lite too (if I can find the charger). :P
  7. flatgba

    ROM Hack GBA Doom wad conversions (open for suggestions!)

    Yea!!!!!! I can't believe it! This is absolutely amazing. Thank you so much Bazooka_Face for this and all the other conversions! It seems that the game freezes when a barrel explodes but still, this is extremely amazing just to see it run on the GBA! :)
  8. flatgba

    ROM Hack GBA Jam 2021

    A megadrive emulator would be nice. :)
  9. flatgba

    Hacking New Theme for EZ-Flash Omega!

    Beautiful work as always. Thank you for the update!:yaysp::sp:
  10. flatgba

    Gaming Filetrip GBA files

    Wow amazing! Thank you tons for the link Brawl345!
  11. flatgba

    Gaming Filetrip GBA files

    Hello everyone, I haven't been here for a while and just noticed FileTrip is going to go offline in a couple days. I see the GBA download section here has fewer files than the FileTrip database. Is there a way to bulk save all files from the GBA section of FileTrip? Thanks for any help, flatgba
  12. flatgba

    Hacking Guide - How to convert YouTube videos to Game Boy Advance ROM files

    Been wondering the same! Meteo converted files also don't seem to open in EZO but was able to play fine using EZIV.:unsure:
  13. flatgba

    Hacking upcoming on omega development

    Switch view to icon or list, hide/show icons option, Sorting option, sort by file name or file size Font size switching Maybe these fall into the theme category, so probably a theme feature like EZIV would be really neat Or just like kuwanger said really any improvements would be great...
  14. flatgba

    Hi everyone

    Hello Mr Shrike!:yayps3:
  15. flatgba


    Hello Nobu!
  16. flatgba

    A newbie has joined

    Hello, welcome to the forum Secilla!
  17. flatgba

    Emulation PocketNES, Goomba, Cologne, and SMSAdvance sram and exit patched *UPDATED

    Wow, thanks nibbles! Much appreciation for your excellent work to refresh the emulators with updates. :yay:
  18. flatgba

    Hardware AGS-101 screen on AGS-001 motherboard

    Someone has tried a 001 LCD on the 101 mainboard successfully without any modification. reddit . com/r/Gameboy/comments/3xn00h/ags001_screen_on_an_ags101_board/
  19. flatgba

    Emulation [Release]EZGoomba Frontend

    Thank you tons for the EZGoomba front-end, very nice work!:yaysp:
  20. flatgba

    Gaming GBA Logo's Remastered

    Amazing work on the remastered game logos, thanks for sharing the link Flame!
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