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  1. 3DPiper

    ROM Hack How to rip a cart?

    Can you rip a physical cartridge with a non-modded 3ds? I have been playing some roms on Citra and thought maybe rip the kids collection of games, but none of their 3DS' are modded in any way
  2. 3DPiper

    Hacking R4I-SDSC in New 3SD XL

    My nephew brought his New 3DS XL and said his mom bought him a R4I-SDSC, but he couldn't get it to work. His 3ds firmware is 11.9.0-42U I assume I need to update the R4I firmware, yes? Will probably need a regular DS to do that. The R4I only plays DS and older games, correct? What flashcards...
  3. 3DPiper

    Hardware Dock not working

    My daughter's switch got put in the dock backwards (not by her). She noticed and flipped it around, but now it doesn't charge or let her play on the big screen. If I pull the power cable and plug it up directly it does in fact charge. Is there some way to fix this?
  4. 3DPiper

    Hardware Transfer games to larger HD

    I bought my daughter an official Seagate Green Xbox 4T hard drive for Christmas for her Xbox One. She has a smaller WD 1T in use now. We plugged it in, and we can see it listed in Storage. How can I transfer my smaller 1T hard drive games to it? When I select the 1G external drive and select...
  5. 3DPiper

    Hardware Japan Switch in the US?

    There is a cheap full Switch console splatoon 2 version on ebay that I would like to get my nephew (he didn't get one for Christmas). However, it says it is NTSC-J, a Japanese console. It also says region free. Is there any reason NOT to get it? Will he be limited on downloading US games etc...
  6. 3DPiper

    Gaming Skyrim for Switch: use XBox saves?

    Is there any way to use your Xbox Skyrim saves on Switch? Hate to start all over...
  7. 3DPiper

    Why are games/updates released in Sept?

    My son downloaded and is waiting to play the new Destiny 2 update. He said most big releases and updates happen in Sept. Why? Why not in June so kids can play over the summer?
  8. 3DPiper

    Emulator for WiiU or Xbox One?

    We have our trusty old sears Wii homebrewed so we can play emulators. I was wondering: is it easier to put emulators on a Wii U or Xbox One? We have both, and I may move my old roms to the next system and put the Wii in the attic. I don't necessarily need homebrew (do I?) I just want to play...
  9. 3DPiper

    Hardware Keyboard and Mouse with Xbox One X

    My son wants to use a Keyboard and Mouse with his Xbox One X. He plugged up both via USB and the keyboard seems to work but not the mouse. How do you use a keyboard and mouse with Xbox One X?
  10. 3DPiper

    Hardware Dock not working

    My daughter's Switch Dock has stopped working. I think it is just the power supply. We can hook up a regular USB-C cable and it will charge the Switch in the dock, but not display it on the TV. Can you buy JUST the Dock AC Adapter..?
  11. 3DPiper

    Hardware Best rechargable batteries/pack for controller?

    We have an Xbox One OG and Xbox One X. We are currently using Energizer rechargeable batteries from WalMart. My kids have to change the batteries regularly, at least once a day. Are there better batteries or packs that give longer life? I heard the Panasonic Eneloops are good and last a long time..
  12. 3DPiper

    Hardware 4K with 27UD69P monitor

    We got my son a LG 27UD69P UHD monitor for his Xbox One X. We can not seem to get the xbox to recognize this as a 4K monitor. We have turned on/off Freesync as well as turned on HDMI Ultra HD Deep Color, but the Xbox still says the monitor does not support 4K. Any other things to check?
  13. 3DPiper

    Gaming Metroid Prime Federation Force download play?

    Does Metroid Prime Federation Force have download play? I have three children, I'm trying to determine if I have to buy all three a cart or if I can just buy one
  14. 3DPiper

    Help: poem from a gamer boy to a gamer girl

    My son has to write a poem for English class. It has to be 4 verses and he has 2.5.. Any ideas? Here is what he has so far: "Letter to Gamer Girl" Girl, you are like a hyrulian shield All I can do for you is yield I want to be part of your guild A relationship we can surely build While we're...
  15. 3DPiper

    Gaming How to download the Destiny 2 PC beta..?

    I am trying to download the PC Destiny 2 beta I have linked my xbox live and accounts I am not sure how to get the download code? Watching youtube videos it says to select PC as your main console, I'm not sure where to do that.. ?
  16. 3DPiper

    Gaming Halo 6: split screen is back!

  17. 3DPiper

    Gaming Minecraft stuck updating

    My daughter has a switch. She bought Minecraft. It automatically updates, and during one update it got stuck in updating mode. She is online, has reset, turned off/on, etc, but can't get it out of updating mode so she can play it. Is this fixable?
  18. 3DPiper

    Why are digital download games the same price as physical disc games?

    Why are digital download games the same price as physical disc games? It seems like they would be cheaper, there is no hard or delivery cost involved.
  19. 3DPiper

    Gaming safe?

    I stumbled upon the site where you can buy xbox one games very cheap. They are download codes only. In fact, they send you an xbox account to log into and download the game, then you delete the account and play with your own account. Has anybody used this service? Legit? Problems?
  20. 3DPiper

    Gaming Doom install: "..have access when you’re connected to your Microsoft account"

    I was looking at Doom for Xbox One and noticed it said "Install on your home Xbox One console plus have access when you’re connected to your Microsoft account." What does that mean? Can you play it on your PC?
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