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  1. gov78

    Anyone good at basic sound production?

    Hey people, i was just wondering if anyone was good at sound production. I basically have to make a game for my university course and im basically done but i need to make 5 sounds which to be perfectly honest i suck at. I was wondering if any of you guys here could either give some tips or ideas...
  2. gov78

    Help me by doing my survey

    Hi guys I am doing some course work for uni and I need help with it. By help I mean I need data from you guys so I was wondering if you guys would be kind enough to complete my survey. Its based on gaming, more importantly its based on Virtual Reality gaming. So thanks in advance and if you...
  3. gov78

    Gaming Mortal Kombat worth a purchase?

    Hi guys, Iv been thinking about getting the new mortal kombat game but im not sure how good it actuly is. I heard that they changed the move sets alot making them alot similar to street fighter (which i enjoy) but im not 100% on getting since its quite expensive. So if anyone here has it whats...
  4. gov78

    Help me out by doing my survey - Research Project for College

    Hi guys i got a research project due next month so i have to gather data. I was just wondering if anyone on the forums would be willing to help me out in gathering information for my research. The more people that would be willing to do to do it the better i would greatly appriteate it if you...
  5. gov78

    Help with Visual basic?

    Hi guy basically i got a problem, im making a basic login program in vb and i need to implement a loop with the login program. Basically i was wondering if anyone has any idea of what type of loop i need and how i would implement this in to my code. The loop need do count how many times the...
  6. gov78

    Valves new game - DotA 2 with details

    Source Well there you have it DotA 2 is there new game. Kinda kicking my self now wish i didnt buy HoN.
  7. gov78

    Alien Swarm Free Game Hitting Steam July 19th

    Pretty neat to see valve doing stuff like this hopefully we see more since portal and now this maybe we will Source
  8. gov78

    Need help with a series name

    Okay i cant remeber the name of a tv comedy sitcom series in the U.S . Its quite new proabably 2008-2009 and was about a sports stars (cant remeber what sport i think it was baseball) he used to have a drug habit and turns in to a gym teacher at a high school i remeber it was pretty funny but i...
  9. gov78

    Well Played Japan

    i have to say japan played well today 1 - 0 after that goal they put up a iron defence and kept cameron down what do you guys think off the match?
  10. gov78

    Teamfortress 2 Hit Mac Tomorrow

    yep Tf2 is hitting the mac tomorrow BUT WHERE MY ENGIE UPDATE VALVE! SAUCE
  11. gov78


    Well i just came across the most epic song EVAH! yeah it about them people of facebook and shit that make the duck face;has_verified=1 Yep i agree with this legend so what do you guys think of the Duck-Face
  12. gov78

    Moving To Canada Which City?

    Okay iv been thinking about moving to canada after i finish university here in the uk. But im stuck as to which city i should move to as i dont have alot off knowledge other than what i read on the internet. The 3 cities im intrested in are toronto montreal vancouver. i just want to know the...
  13. gov78

    Aliens vs Predator Demo Hitting Tomorrow

    [center] Source Im kinda intrested in this but im not a 100% sure. i loved the classic 1 il wait and see tommorow when the demo hits what about u guys.
  14. gov78

    Gaming Diablo 2

    Hey guys just wanted to ask if anyone still playes diablo 2 i got another copy with the lod expansion since i couldnt find my old cd. im probably gunna play just wanted to know if anyone here still plays?
  15. gov78

    Duke Nukem Forever Gameplay Leak Wasn't posted up so i thought id do it. I looks like an animator leaked gameplay footage of Duke Nukem Forever (Never). I looked pretty bad ass to bad we will never see it
  16. gov78

    My Brute

    Hey just tried this lil thing i found on the net called My Brute u make a lil avatar and challege ppl to fight and gain xp but actually just watch them its pretty funny and cool Challenge mine here by making ur own
  17. gov78

    Misc GTA:CW On Supercard SD No Wifi

    Well I tried connecting to wi-fi tonight and I didn't work. I try and go on the laptop and click sync my data and the little circle thing just keeps spinning i left it for 10 mins and nothing anyone know what's wrong. also when I go on the wi-fi set-up screen and choose to connect to my Nintendo...
  18. gov78

    Gaming Need Some Help

    Okay guys i need to buy a new motherboard and processor coz my 1.8GHz Dual Core (i know its a joke) is on it last legs so i think i might aswell do the motherboard and CPU at the same time. Right now im looking to spend around about £100. I do use it for quite a bit of gaming and here a few...
  19. gov78

    Hardware Computer Wholesales

    Hey guys iv got an order from someone who need me to build 6 office computers. Basically i need help finding a whole sales site where i can get all the stuff to build the computers. soooooooooo anyone know any good site based in the uk? Thanks in Advance
  20. gov78

    Tides of War Tactical Servers

    Call Of Duty 4 Pro Tactical Realism (HC) Pro Tactical Realism (Open Warfare Mod) Call of Duty - World at War Tactical Realism (HC) These server are great for people who want to play a bit more tactical and a bit less run and gun...
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