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    Hacking VitaQuake 2 Mods

    Hello, I've always been a huge fan of Quake 2 and 3. I was thrilled when it was ported, but since mods in Q2 need to be compiled for individual operating systems, I've been stuck playing them on Windows. Question: How difficult would it be to compile a mod for VitaQuake2 once the source code...
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    Hacking Luma Questions

    Hey, I had installed Luma 11.7 literally the day before they released 11.8 (thankfully). However, I lost my memory stick with all the Luma files and CIA's on it. I want to put those same files back onto my 3ds (Using but the only thing that seems to work is the Roselina menu. I tried...
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    ROM Hack Pokémon Supernova Sun & Penumbra Moon: Fully-Featured Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon ROM Hacks!

    Omega Ruby and Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon have different Title IDs. Therefore, you shouldn't lose any folders by overwriting the Luma folder (Unless, it has the same folder name/files) So, yes they should both work fine .
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    Hacking Weird black screen upon power on

    Hey, so i have Luma 9.0 installed using 11.7 and was playing an Ultra Sun mod, saved the progress, and went to hit home and it froze before I got to the home screen to comfirm closing the software. It didn't power off by itself so I held the power until it did. Upon powering on again, the...
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    Hardware North America gets Gamestop-exclusive Hylian Shield New 2DS XL

    Any news on if this new model is immune to Magnethax? I remember reading that only a new revision could potentially put a halt to the exploit. I've been out of the scene for a bit. Just curious.
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    Gain XP & Level Up at GBAtemp

    I think this is a great idea. I love leveling up. Whether it's to level 255 in Pokemon, rank 47 in Killzone, heck even leveling up on Pornhub is pretty fun. Great idea. I will be spending much more time here.
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    Hacking VitaCheat/FinalCheat Database

    I was hoping for someone to maybe provide a 'fix' to the plugin for Killzone Mercenary. The cheat for infinite health works in all cases expect for the mantis engine. My guess is because it's a different type of instant kill. I was using the plugin for the VPK. I saw that there is a...
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    Hacking [Release] Chocolate Doom

    Is there a way to play with deathmatch bots in this release? I always had issues trying to add some from the console, at least with other ports...
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    Hacking [RELEASE] vitaQuakeIII - Quake III: Arena / Quake III: Team Arena port for PSVITA

    @Rinnegatamante That's awesome about the console. If I make a compatibility list for custom q3 map compatibility, would you be willing to add it to the original post so people will see how well it runs? I'll include the Vitaq3 version, FPS, glitches or texture flaws, how many bots are...
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    Hacking [RELEASE] vitaQuakeIII - Quake III: Arena / Quake III: Team Arena port for PSVITA

    Generally, using an average map from Q3, and 2 or 3 bots, it'll be about 20-28 (As of 0.5) The bigger the map and more players, the more likely it will lag.
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    Hacking [RELEASE] vitaQuakeIII - Quake III: Arena / Quake III: Team Arena port for PSVITA

    I meant to report that using the console to load a map from a key that's bound to that command works, but if you try to exit, leave arena or change map it force closes. Also, is the console functioning? If so, you should create an on screen keyboard for it next update. I tested a bunch of...
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    Hacking [RELEASE] vitaQuakeIII - Quake III: Arena / Quake III: Team Arena port for PSVITA

    Some helpful resources for Q3... Custom Maps: (To play maps, copy the PK3 file and place it into the baseq3 folder, then go to skirmish and it'll be at the end of the list) - -...
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    Hacking [RELEASE] vitaQuakeIII - Quake III: Arena / Quake III: Team Arena port for PSVITA

    So psyched you finished the port! I've been away from my vita for a week and it figures it gets ported during that span lol. Questions though... 1. Do most mods work? 2. How much ram is available for this port? I was told 512 MB. 3. How many bots are ideal in terms of framerate? I usually just...
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    Comment by 'jastolze' in 'now i will tell you about the stupidity of Stephen Hawking.'

    Believing in God and having a relationship with Him are two totally different things, OP. Even demons believe in Jesus. Guess where they are? The problem with many Christians today is, anyone can label theirself as one, much like you. Had you really trusted God and not just 'believe' in him...
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    Hacking E-80558325 problems

    I'm sure you've seen this, but: It seems it's been a problem for about 7 or 8 months now...
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    Hacking Quake 3 Arena on ps-vita possible or pure fiction?

    I actually just asked him on wololo a week or so ago and he says he's not working on a port. Not sure if it's on his list of ports or an eventual priority though. I asked back in 2012 if we would ever have a port of Q3. The psp version works. I have it running on low settings and can easily...
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    Hacking VitaQuake

    I had an older version of VitaQuake (2.1) and it ran all mods I threw at it. When I updated to 2.5/2.6 it would crash on most mods. Not sure what the deal is
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    Hacking VitaGL (OpenGL) being worked on.

    Q3 mod support is also gonna be huge. There are some very well done mods that I'd enjoy on the vita! I agree, I'm probably going to donate too.
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    Disney to buy 21st Century Fox for $52.4 billion

    While I think Disney buying 21st is a terrible idea, the Simpson's is STILL arguably one of the funniest shows on (To me, at least). After nearly 30 seasons, anything is bound to become less funny, but they're still incredibly creative. The 600th episode that was released within the last year...
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    Trouble with the Pokemon Randomizer

    Is this an unmodified Crystal rom? I have a version a bit older but it randomised fine. What did you try to randomize? Maybe you do have a corrupt rom. Try another one, from a different rom dumper.
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