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  1. gary2010

    Hacking How do I buy from without a Paypal account?

    everyone seems very paranoid about making a paypal account lol its the safest way to shop online. i would never send cash in an evolope or any other way paypal is the best haha
  2. gary2010

    Hacking Matte Black DSI won't charge

    take the battery out and blow inside the ds the put the battery back in see if that heps. if u have another dsi try the good battery in the broken dsi, an try the broken ds battery in the working dsi.
  3. gary2010

    Hacking Broke a latch holding a flexible cable- NDSL

    its probly dead, try putting the ribbon cable in as far as you can then try putting a piece of blue tac over the cable to keep it held in place. when iv had my ds in pieces i just left that cable plugged in i would of only removed that cable if i was changing the bottom screen or touch screen.
  4. gary2010

    Hacking Acekard Plastic Bars Broken

    you would of needed to do the paper trick to the acekard, every acekard i own iv had to do the paper trick to make them work. they worked with out the trick for about 2 weeks so 1 day you will probly need to do it to ur acekard
  5. gary2010

    Hacking DS sound replacement

    yeah the top screen will be broken if the ribbon cable is cut, the ds speekers are solderd on to the ribbon cable so u will need to buy a neew top screen then unsolder the speekers from ur old top screen then solder them down to the new top screen
  6. gary2010

    Hacking DS Lite broken hinge repair question

    it should say if the casing includes the hinge, the 1 i baught off ebay included the hinge i got mine from somewhere in england for 12£ and it had the screw drivers i needed and the hinge and all screws need but i used my old hinge and screws. check youtube for videos on how to strip ur ds and...
  7. gary2010

    Gaming DSL Power Switch Broken

    you will need a fine point soldering iron then heat up all the parts that are solderd down, just touch the blob of solder and keep trying to ease it up with a stanley blade or something thin. try to get a little bit of the stanley blade under the switch just a little bit then start touching the...
  8. gary2010

    Misc Nintendo WFC blocking me?

    un plug ur modem for a minute to reset it see if that helps. when i play gta on my 360 i get strict nat then i reset my modem an its ok for about a month
  9. gary2010

    Hacking unbrick acekard 2i

    try doing the paper trick see if that helps you out. do the paper trick then try all the updates you have been trying
  10. gary2010

    GBAtemp E3 2010 Coverage - Microsoft

    i like the look of the new xbox i think i will get one when they are cheap enough but im not in to the kinect thing id rather use a control because im lazy lol
  11. gary2010

    Hacking Help, unbricking an Acekard.

    every acekard needs the paper trick 1 time or another i would think mine lasted about a month with out the trick. then i put a piece of card under the motherboard and its been working for about 3 month now, i used tk saturns guide its a clever little trick
  12. gary2010

    Hacking DS lite lifespan...

    when ur pressing the L+R buttons it might be moving the motherboard and moving the ribbon cable out the slot. make sure the it is fastened down properly and make sure the motherboaed is screwed down good
  13. gary2010

    Hacking DS lite lifespan...

    make sure the top screen is plugged in to the motherboard properly or the ribbon cable could be damaged
  14. gary2010

    Hacking Megaman Zero Collection (U)?

    the clean rom would work on my ak2i but it was all fuzzy graphics and black lines goin down the screen. but iv just used the cracked venom rom and its working perfectly for me now seems a very good game
  15. gary2010

    Hacking Major Acekard 2i/iEdge Problem - Help!

    try the paper trick on your first acekard put a piece of card under the motherboard of the ak2i and betweeen the plastic cover there were some good pics on gbatemp of the paper trick it worked for mine never had a contact issue since
  16. gary2010

    Hacking Bit of a mess with my Acekard 2

    if ur micro sd card was full there wouldnt of been enough space left on the card for the sav files to fit on the sd card and when its tried making a sav its corrupted all ur games i think or something not good has happend i would always leave about 50 mb left over for games saves
  17. gary2010

    Hacking M3i Or AK2i

    yeah id agree with djay i would get an scds2 but im goin to wait till they become abit cheaper and hopefuly fix the build quality of the card and my ak2i will work for a few more month yet
  18. gary2010

    Hacking AK2i problem with ClIRC?

    try deleting the clirc.dat file and delete clirc then put it back on ur sd card but dont put the clirc.dat back on the sd card.
  19. gary2010

    Hacking AceKard 2i Some Games are running a little Laggy.

    i have a 8gb sandisk class 2 with about 170 games on it and they all run fine not 1 bit of bother. my class 4 card just copys over the data from the laptop faster but runs all games the same aswel
  20. gary2010

    Hacking Got a free DSL yesterday...

    yeah watch youtube, but make sure to put a piece of selotape on the on and off slinder and the volume slider so that they stay in place for the reasembley because the power switch is very fragile and i snaped mine the first time i tried but now its back up and runnin
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