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  1. IncognitoMaster

    Hardware Screen flicker after sleep mode

    The top screen on my old 3ds xl starts flickering when I enter and exit sleep mode or play any DS game, however the flicker temporarily disappears when entering a home brew app with a black background. When I start the 3ds the top screen looks weird - some colours appear correctly and some...
  2. IncognitoMaster

    Hardware Need help CFWing PSP

    I have a PSP with a cracked screen and is on OFW. Unfortunately I have no way to get a hold of the AV cable required to mirror the screen to the TV. Since the screen is cracked, I do not know the PSP firmware. I do, however, have a USB type B cable, but I can't seem to get the files to show up...
  3. IncognitoMaster

    Gaming What is the best way to defeat Giant Bowser in M&L Dream Team?

    I have completed most of the game, I am now at the part where Giant Luigi takes on Giant Bowser. Not that anyone plays this anymore, but does anyone have tips on how to dodge Bowser's attacks and constantly push him into the lava? I know how to dodge when he comes running at Luigi, but what...
  4. IncognitoMaster

    Gaming Mario Party Star Rush (EUROPE) Gateshark codes

    Does anyone have Mario Party Star Rush gateshark codes? I have the Europe version and I would very well like to cheat in the game.
  5. IncognitoMaster

    Hardware CFW Old 3ds xl internet browser gets stuck on the Internet Browser screen

    My old 3ds xl running Luma3ds v9.1-4b341e03 on firmware version 11.9.0-42E gets stuck on the Internet Browser screen (and stays there until I force reboot the 3ds) when attempting to access the Internet Browser. Is there any way to help fix this? It would be nice to surf the internet as well...
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