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    Hacking EZ-Flash Omega Settings

    Hi, which settings have you enabled? Addon: a) reset b) savestate c) sleep d) cheat i dont understand what a) and b) mean. Also under the ?-tab i press start but it never opens the recently played list. why? How do I know when my GBA SP battery is empty? there is no indicator... Thanks
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    Hacking psvita freezes on the henkaku enso loading screen

    Hi, I added lines to my ur0:/tai/config.txt and now after i hit reload henkaku settings and rebooted my ps vita 2016 model it freezes on the henkaku enso loading screen. The following bold lines i just added prior to this freeze situation. *KERNEL ur0:tai/storagemgr.skprx...
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    Hacking File format Updates PSP on Vita

    Hi, i got my vita 2000 setup on 3.60 with cfw. Now i moved a vpk file to the sd card (sd2vita) and installed it with VitaShell. The game worked but i could not update the game with psn. i got an error. 1. Do I have to convert the pkg file to a different format? 2. Is removing the SD card and...
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    Homebrew Some noob questions

    Hi, i have several questions. 1. Is it nowadays possible to convert 3DS *.nds files to *.cia files? It used to be only possible with DSiWare games as far as i know.. 2. While updating games thru the nintendo shop, how can i update all without having to update each single game one by one? 3...
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