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    Homebrew Homebrew game Help: Citro3d not rendering anything

    Hi, I have set up the render targets on my project and everything but nothing appears! All I'm trying to do right now is render the background color. Here is what I'm doing: defining CLEAR_COLOR : #define CLEAR_COLOR 0x00FFFFFF Initializing graphics Initializing C3D creating both left and right...
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    Homebrew How to include project files like .obj

    Hi, I am making a 3d game. The problem is this: how do I have the .obj files and other included in the rom file? Is it done automatically? Can it be accessed normally? If not, can I add something in the makefile to do it? If so, how can I access it? If that doesn't work, how do I do it and how...
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    Homebrew How to use the 3D feature with citro3d?

    Does anyone know how to use the 3ds's 3d functionality with citro3d. I want to make the example : textured_cube using 3d. I made a second target for the other eye. For now, I am doing : C3D_FrameBegin(C3D_FRAME_SYNCDRAW); C3D_RenderTargetClear(targetl, C3D_CLEAR_ALL, CLEAR_COLOR...
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