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  1. Tinkerbell

    ROM Hack Tinfoil ticket problem

    I am having a problem with Tinfoil and some tickets - this is for games which I have purchased but want to backup or put on my other console. I can see the ticket is there in Tinfoil but when I hit the R button to dump it it does not dump the ticket with the game. Mostly this works but there are...
  2. Tinkerbell

    Hardware My Switch gets very hot, is this ok?

    I have one of the original Switch consoles. When I am playing sometimes it gets very, very hot, is this normal? I have put up with it all this time but having found this forum I thought I would ask in the hope someone will know if this is a problem.
  3. Tinkerbell

    Hello Everyone

    I am a newbie to Gbatemp. I am a Nintendo fanatic and have been kept busy with Animal Crossing New Horizons during lockdown.
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