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  1. gary2010

    Hacking need r4i gold v1.4 firmware

    has anyone got a link to the firmware for r4i gold v1.4 and the site it says go to is r4igold(dot)cn i was going to give this to my friend but cant find the firmware i used the last time but il keep trying to find any help would be nice though
  2. gary2010

    Hacking themes making acekard 2i crash

    well iv been using mario aflame and ultramario skins on my ak2i they worked fine untill today. when i turned on my ds i could click on acekard but it would just show me the bottom screen where the games are supposed to be, and usually the little sd card flashes while it loads but it was just...
  3. gary2010

    Hacking can i do anything with my supercard lite with akaio?

    well iv been thinking of getting an ez flash 3in 1, then i rememberd i had the supercard lite and the superkey. the supercard goes in slot 2 and the superkey goes in slot 1, this was my first flash cart and i remember i had to put the games through some program to make them work so its been...
  4. gary2010

    Hacking just got my m3i zero is it fake?

    well iv just got my m3i zero in the post, i can feel a chip underneath the m3 sticker on the front of the card its like a fake acekard 2i. iv never heard of a fake m3i zero so it might be normal im just asking. i orderd a acekard 2i from the same place and it was genuine so iv orderd this m3i...
  5. gary2010

    Hacking refurbished ds lite anyone had one of these?

    well i broke my ds lite while trying to change the cover. iv been looking for a new one and seen alot of refurbished ds lites about. are these any good or should i just keep away from these and get a brand new one? the refurbished ones are about half the price of the new ones they have new cases...
  6. gary2010

    Hacking got a new case and broke the power switch

    right well i orderd a new case and got it today so i put it all on right taking it easy with the ribbon cables i got the top half and bottom together then held the battry and the screens worked perfectly so i put it all together and got right up to the last part and must not of lined the power...
  7. gary2010

    Homebrew help using lameboy on ds

    iv just put lameboy on my ds it loads up and finds the roms but when i try to play them it goes on the loading screen then goes back to the list of games on the log it says unknown mbc type od whats does this mean anyone know?
  8. gary2010

    Hacking looking to buy new flash card any 1 got advice?

    hello people im using an r4i flash card at the moment but its not playing new sonic collection games and sonic racing.. iv been looking at the acecard 2i i think it is and one of the m3 ones do these carts play all the latest games and if not do they do much updates to the firmware?? because iv...
  9. gary2010

    Hacking ys menu help

    i have been trying to get the ysmenu workin on my r4 and it cant find the file when i click on start.. im only tryin to get it workin to see if the new sonic racing works with it any one have ideas on how to get the game workin on my r4 because the ysmenu seems like i was...
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