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    PS1/2 Ps1 black screen after modchip install

    Hi, I got a 2nd hand ps1 recently and thought I'd put a modchip in it. Bought a stealth 2.8a chip, and installed it this morning and all went well. Put my FFT disc in to try (legitimate disc) and it worked great except in b&w (I'm in pal region and only have composite cables so normal) I was...
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    Hardware Left Joycon lights not working

    I've only noticed recently that my switch's left joycon doesn't light up (I usually use handheld mode) Any idea if it'll stop functioning anytime soon? I do use sx pro if that helps any. Thanks.
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    Burning Dreamcast CD / Miscompare Errors

    Hey all, got myself a Dreamcast the other day (and it's great! WHY did I not get one before??) Overall everything is working great but on some burns I get an error along these lines from Imgburn: Miscompare at LBA: 45023, Offset: 2072 Device: 0xDA Image File: 0xD5 Total Errors in Sector: 52...
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    Xbox hard drive upgrade options?

    Hey guys, decided to fire up my old xbox, and all I can find for it is the original hard drive. So I decided to upgrade that, but all I have spare is some sata drives, which I have managed to get working and move all the save data to it. It boots in the xbox just fine but just to the plain ms...
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    Hacking Dump game save without Disc?

    Is there anyway to dump a save without the original disc (since Saviine appears to require a working disc)? I ask because my Hyrule Warriors disc recently completely stopped working, I've had a friend try it on their Wii U and it doesn't work either so I assume the disc is just shot (no...
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    Hacking Gateway w/ RxTools

    Hi all, sorry 1st of all if this has been asked a million times, I did search but didn't see an answer to my question and 2nd, for the n00by nature of the question :wacko: I've had a working Gateway setup for sometime now, but with recent-ish AGB_firm support tried to go the route of using my...
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    Hacking Emunand folders

    Hi, I'm trying to store my eShop / VC etc.. in their own folders for navigation ease and also neatness. Though for some reason it refuses to be persistent. Do I have to do that in SysNand or am I missing something? Cheers.
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    Hacking Help with games never loading

    Hi guys, running 4.0e Wii with CIOS 20B and latest hermes as well, and some games just refuse to ever load and if they do they crash very easily. Some of the games are SSBB, Wii Sports, all ripped from my own originals. I use an 250gb sata hd formatted as wbfs in an antec mx-100 enclosure...
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