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    Just Dance 2020 Issue on VWii

    Hi there, I decided to try the last Just Dance Available on my WiiU. It's the Wii version of Just Dance 2020. First I installed it as a wbfs. I launched USBloaderGX on my VWii and everything ran fine. Then I decided to add it using teconmoon's injector. No issue on the PC, no issue installing...
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    WiiU Gamepad sync issue

    Hi, A friend of mine gave me a non working WiiU. The Gamepad is OK but the WiiU has the "Blue Light Of Death". I opened the console and found nothing weird in it. After a few research, i came to the conclusion that the console is not repairable. I tried the gamepad on my WiiU and it's working...
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    Hardware Screw covers replacement

    Hi there, Just replaced may WiiU gamepad and Pro controller Thumbstick with these fantastic ones Some of the screw caps don't stick anymore or are too dirty and damaged. I replaced them with pieces of simple white sticker but the result is not fantastic (too...
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