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  1. NoOneDies

    Gaming How to connect Fender Squier Stratocaster (Wii) to RB3?

    I have recently purchased a guitar hero squier by fender (the real guitar) along with the madcatz pro adapter (wii version). However I cannot connect it to the game, the guitar seems to be working it has the blue light on the first player on, however the adapter doesn't seem to work, the light...
  2. NoOneDies

    Gaming Rock Band 3 - DLC

    Are there any DLC hacks for RB3 atm? (download every song availaible w/o paying) Will DLC songs contain tutorials on the songs, such as the songs in the playlist in pro-mode? Tutorials contaning chords, solos, riffs... pretty much everything mentioned in the trailer. Thanks.
  3. NoOneDies

    Hacking How do you create a Homebrew?

    Hi, I'm pretty much insterested in being a future game developer. I'd like to try it though, so I'd like to know what's one of the best devkits used to create DS games, and also if you know any guide I must follow before attempting DS homebrew. Thanks.
  4. NoOneDies

    Hacking SSBB with USB Loader GX

    Hi is there a way to fix all the media on brawl. All the videos on brawl make the game crash (except for the first one) and masterpieces send me back to wii menu. Information that might be useful. Ultimate loader GX Rev 938 btw. Hermes cIOS v4 SSBB ISO 6.92 gb NTSC
  5. NoOneDies

    Hacking Acekard 2i Died!

    My AK2i doesn't seem to work properly. When I plug it into my DS sometimes the Danny phantom icon shows up or I get a blank screen. Unable to update it for the 1.4.1 fix. It fails to load any game, the loading screen stalls forever Moonshell works though, it can play songs and video...
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