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  1. mAlvarado

    ROM Hack [WIP]USUMCheatMenu - Old3DS compatible NTR plugin for Ultra Sun/Moon

    Current release 100% capture q cheat not working on UM, US working fine. Both on ntr 3.2
  2. mAlvarado

    ROM Hack [WIP]USUMCheatMenu - Old3DS compatible NTR plugin for Ultra Sun/Moon

    Sorry, it was on the previous release, will test and give feedback.
  3. mAlvarado

    ROM Hack [WIP]USUMCheatMenu - Old3DS compatible NTR plugin for Ultra Sun/Moon

    Same issue on UM, US is working as expected
  4. mAlvarado

    Gaming Professor Layton, Unwounded Future.

    It's against the rules post names o references to sites where you can download illegal roms!!! You must read the forum rules again edit your post, delete the name of the site or you will be warned/banned
  5. mAlvarado

    Gaming How to delete a corrupted file?

    just try with the @Raydian or @Advi options, IMO try with knoppix (as Raydian said) because slax is a good lightweight distro, but I don't know if it will allow you to delete the file you are trying to (unless you download the propper modules) Maybe is a logical issue with your external drive...
  6. mAlvarado

    Hacking Guess which icon will repalce Danny Phantom

    well these are not games, but would have the same effect on me: ....the return of the living deads? house of deads? Resident Evil? Scary Movie? ...if you run it, you will get the BSOD, and your handheld will be attacked for some virus and in the end will brick your DS
  7. mAlvarado

    Gaming Would you have bought your DS...

    This is my case too I bought my DSL 3 years ago, only for TLOZ Phantom Hourglass (also pre ordered TLOZ ST on amazon the last year)
  8. mAlvarado

    Hacking USB for Acekard 2?

    mmmm strange.... but however, you can buy a MSD-adapter on any local store for less, here on my city I had found some at $2 and works fine, no need to waste $11 on something that will do the same for the moment you can use a digital camera or a cellphone with their USB cable to put the stuff...
  9. mAlvarado

    Hacking USB for Acekard 2?

    the adapter is MSD-USB or MSD-SD adapter?
  10. mAlvarado

    Hacking USB for Acekard 2?

    mmm, just put the micro sd card on the adapter, plug it to you computer, place the stuff you want, remove the micro SD from the adapter, place it on your flashcart and Voilá! I can't see why you want to buy a new one if you had the MSD adapter
  11. mAlvarado

    Hacking YSMenu Saving Issue

    off topic: can I use "SD Panasonic Formatter" on my kingston mSD?
  12. mAlvarado

    Gaming Mario And Luigi Bowser's Inside Story NDS rom

    which flashcart are you using? is your firmware updated?
  13. mAlvarado

    question about downloading from filetrip

    ok, so now I know what you are referring, it's nothing wrong on your machine or browser, the link is coded to load the content of the file in the frame that shows the advertise of you will have to copy paste the content frame on another file, there is nothing else to do, sorry, but...
  14. mAlvarado

    question about downloading from filetrip

    ...mmm... can you post the exact filename of both files? I guess it's something on the file name
  15. mAlvarado

    question about downloading from filetrip

    Are you using firefox? I don't remember if its firefox that have this, but when you download a file type for the first time appears a box asking you what you wanna do, [open] [save] or [cancel], and at the bottom of the dialog box appears a checkbox with something like [remember this action on...
  16. mAlvarado

    Play as Opposite Gender in Games?

    I always use female on pokemon games, in my opinion better sprites than male. On the crystal chronicles series play the main character as female, I think the same that pokemon, but however, it is just kill monsters and finish the game. All the other games, as male
  17. mAlvarado

    Hawking: Colonize space in 100 years or face extinction

    A lot of people said that something scared them in the moon in theirs missions, so this is the reason why they haven't done anything on the moon. for me it makes sense, since the moon is a good place to build an observatory, but who knows I always wanted to travel into space and something that...
  18. mAlvarado

    Gaming First DS Game

    The legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass when I get my DSL
  19. mAlvarado

    GBATemp's 2010 Census

    01) Age: 24 02) Sex: Male (heterosexual) 03) Country you were born: El Salvador 04) City and state you were born: San Salvador 05) Country you live today: El Salvador 06) City and state you live today: San Salvador 07) How many consoles do you have? 3 (NES, N64, GC) 08) How many handhelds do you...
  20. mAlvarado

    Homebrew HBWare / Homebrew Channel Discussion

    ...any reply? it would be great see your app working with the support of GBATemp
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