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  1. jajamundo

    Hacking Error installing Metroid Dread

    I’m having a real hedeache trying to install this game Every time I tried to install this game it just gave a infinite loading icon When I use gold leaf it gave me and error. This happen with TinWoo Please help!!! It only happens with this game!
  2. jajamundo

    Hacking SX OS turn off after splash screen

    I have a problem with SX OS 3.0.3, 3.0.4 After the Team Xecuter splash screen it just turn off. I know my switch turn off because if I press the power button again the splash screen appears again and again and again. Is not a problem with my SD card, because I already use SX OS 3.0.2 and...
  3. jajamundo

    Hardware 2DS SLEEP BUTTON

    Hi! I just fix an Nintendo 2DS by replacing the Motherboard The thing is that the 2DS doesnt came with the sleep button. I can buy it on ebay and get replacement easily, but I'm from Guatemala and the shipping cost is almost $15 (Here we need to use POBOX, that is why is to expensive bring...
  4. jajamundo

    Hacking Question Games on atmosphere wont start

    Hi! Im a SX OS user and never have any problem with using it. But I got curius and wanna try atmosphere, but right now is only getting me a headache. So, I just got emmucc working using my SX OS Emunand. (If I gonna use atmosphere, really want to have the best of both worlds) Everything works...
  5. jajamundo

    Hardware Buyin a Ryzen laptop

    Hi! Im really new about all AMD, ryzen stuffs. I always bought intel with nvidia graphic cards, so really dont have any idea of what to buy here. I need to buy a new laptop. I have a really powerfull Intel PC, so do't care about gaming on my new laptop. I really dont wanna spend a lot of...
  6. jajamundo

    ROM Hack [REQUEST] wolfenstein II Save

    Hi!! I'm looking for this save at the exact moment when completed the main story I lost my save and I really don't wanna play this game again. So could someone help me with this I don't want a 100% complete game. I want to know what else can I do after complete the game Thanks!!
  7. jajamundo

    Hacking Question About SX USB loader

    I just got an external HDD with an external power supply My question is how long it takes to scanning the games Mine just glitches when is scanning games everytime I connect the USB HDD I'm doing something wrong or need to wait until it scanna everything. Also I just copy my entire library...
  8. jajamundo

    Homebrew Question Cant restore backup

    Ok! I try everything to restore my backup of 5.1.0 Nintendo Switch I have a boot0.bin, boot1.bin and a rawnand.bin that I made with reinx Now I want to restore it so I already try using SX OS and heatake 4.2. My switch is on 6.0.0 So someone could help me with this!! Thanks What I'm doing...
  9. jajamundo

    Hacking Question About emuNand SX OS

    Hi! I know that this emunand install on the Nand and not on the SD card. I know you can get ban because of this (Not prove of this). I know all the telemetry and all the stuffs I dont care about all those answers, because I gonna do this anyway. So please I just want answers. Thanks :) Ok here...
  10. jajamundo

    Hacking Question How to turn off my switch

    Hello everyone I'm using SX OS 1.9 and Just updated to 6.0. Finally start using AutoRCM and I already read all about the battery desinc or the switch discharges because it always goes to autorcm mode. I'm wondering because I really don't want to go to horizon (I'm preventing to burning...
  11. jajamundo

    Hacking Is time to buy a sky3ds+?

    Hi! So Nintendo update the 3DS firmware to 11.8 Now we know it does what the switch does. It checks if you have a legit purchases of a "Digital" game So this mean no more online with CIA's and probabbly offline games (Because we don't know if our 3DS sends Nintendo some data when connected to...
  12. jajamundo

    Gaming Question about installing games

    Hi!! Trust me, I already try everything and really don’t know how to fix this I try to install gravity rush to my 3.65 h-encore Psvita. So I do the same as I did with the other games I already insttal (God Of war and persona 4). Download the files from the app folder on the root of my sd2vita...
  13. jajamundo

    Hacking Omsk Fw5.55

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