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    Hacking SD/USB Loader 1.4 with Ocarina WAD.

    Does anyone have this? I could really use it.
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    Hacking Black screen with USB Loader

    I get a black screen while trying to load SSBB from SD with SD/USB Loader 1.5. It is the NTSC-J version of the game. I have the following installed: cios36 rev10 IOS38-64-v3609 IOS53-64-v4113 IOS55-64-v4633 Any clue as to my problem? Any more info that may be needed?
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    Hacking Original Gamecube games won't boot.

    My game discs for SSBM and Super Mario Sunshine will not boot correctly. SSBM will load, but there will be no video. SMS will not even give me sound. I have no other Gamecube games to try. Last thing I installed is the System Menu Patch and the cIOS needed for the Gamma Backuploader. I went...
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