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    Homebrew RELEASE OpenLara Switch Port

    Hi guys... I have a few questions regarding which is the "best" version of TR1 to play using the openlara project. After a small research, as far as I can understand, the PC version is better in general (and it also has extra levels in the case of the "gold" edition) but it has lower res movies...
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    Microsoft to acquire Activision Blizzard in record-setting $68.7 billion deal

    I'm not sure if I'm happy with this... I am a fan of the Xbox platform but it seems that the big Ms has been on a mission acquiring as many gaming companies as they can...
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    OpenLara - GBA port

    What?! What kind of dark magic is this?! This is blasphemy... This is madness!!! Seriously now... I can't believe that you;ve actually managed to do that on the GBA! I can't wait for the full release! Thank you soooo much for sharing! Impressive programming skills you have there!
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    Humble Choice will be restructuring next month to closer resemble Humble Monthly

    ...and nothing of importance will be lost and missed.
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    Andy Nguyen has cracked the PS5 security

    WHAT?!:wacko: :wacko::wacko::wacko::wacko::wacko:
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    [Release] Fakemote: An IOS module that fakes Wiimotes from the input of USB game controllers

    Thank you so much! Wonderful work! Im so excited!!!
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    'Super Mario Galaxy DS' demake gets new progress update

    You're joking now! This is unreal!!!
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    Homebrew Metroid Prime fangame Prime 2D releases its first demo

    I'm so happy for the extremely good quality of it and so sad at the same time thinking that the big N is about to send a C&D letter terminating another awesome homebrew game.
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    Homebrew WIP Diablo-NX - Nintendo Switch Port of DevilutionX (Diablo)

    ...and you were spot on! loool I was using MVG's binary indeed. I first downloaded it from the switch's homebrew store and second time manually myself. I regret to say that I didn't properly researhed it, but going through the MVG's release seemed the obvious way. Anyway, now works great! Thank...
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    Homebrew WIP Diablo-NX - Nintendo Switch Port of DevilutionX (Diablo)

    Hey guys! I run into a strange issue. I run the game fine but I have no controls. There's no input at all. It just stays at the main menu. Any ideas?
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    FUZE Player for Nintendo Switch gets release date; includes 27 games for $0.99

    For the love of God, it's 1 euro. If someone who owns a 350 euro switch cannot spare 1 euro for his gaming needs, than he seriously needs to take a look at his life and his philosophy. Even people who don't have a job have 1 euro! The guy who begs for money opposite my house has 1 euro... I...
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    FUZE Player for Nintendo Switch gets release date; includes 27 games for $0.99

    Awesome! For that price, I won't say no! Thanks for informing us! It also would be awesome if Fuze team could possibly create a limited physical edition for their product Fuze4...
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    Comment by 'DragonBoy' in 'Today will be my last day as Chief Editor at :('

    Thanks for everything and I wish you a great new journey!
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    Hacking PS4 Emulator?

    ...for the love of God, enough with this. If someone wants to play a PS4, XBOX One or Switch game, please stop being cheap and buy the game you so want to play and support the companies. It is good for the gaming community! Of course, you can't buy a NEO GEO arcade machine easily or I can...
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    CYBERPUNK 2077 delayed but G STRING is here NOW....

    It does look interesting! Well done! I might have a look at it! Thanks for letting us know. :)
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    Give-away GBAtemp Retroflag NESPi 4 giveaway (ENDED)

    Good Luck guys! May the best GBATemper win! :yaywii:
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    Homebrew NUSspli - Install content directly from the Nintendo Update Servers to your Wii U

    Thank you so much for sharing this awesome tool! Will try it at the weekend when I'm back home!
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    SEGA will be giving Sonic games longer development cycles to hopefully result in better games

    The great long history and the worldwide success of the copany shows otherwise =)
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    SEGA will be giving Sonic games longer development cycles to hopefully result in better games

    Just lend Sonic to Nintendo for a game or two and see the masterpiece they will come up with.
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