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    Hacking Cheats not working with update to 1.09

    I'm just using the default cheat.dat that comes with the release but I'm not getting the cheat option for any of my games. I got options before with the 1.08 release for some games. I can remember Elite Beat Agents off the top of my head but that does not have cheat options with the new...
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    Hacking New drives in the wii

    I ordered a wiikey and my wii broke in the same week (it was locking up when reading disks randomly). Now when I get it back (after some testing) I feel like installing the chip. Now if they have to replace the drive/wii will I be able to know if it is one of the new drives that make it harder...
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    Hacking noob cheat question

    I have downloaded the full usrcheat.dat containing all the code junkies codes for usa eur and jap from this site but when I replace my cheat.dat with the new one and put the usrcheat.dat in the same directory I get no cheat options for any of my games. Any way to fix this?
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    Hacking formatting an SD card

    My SD card is really screwed up and I don't know how it got that way. I seem to have this problem while experimenting with homebrew. Anyway I have an SD reader built into my computer and when I stick the SD card in and go to open it explorer locks up everytime. I would usually right click on...
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    Gaming Help with DSdoom

    Ok I loaed up the newest version of DSdoom and it works and is awsome (you guys rock who ported it) the problem lies in that my NDSSAVE folder is gone now. I'm running a SD M3. Any clues on why this happened?
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    Hacking M3 v25

    I saw it updated on their website but the link is dead. If someone could direct me in the right place I would appreciate it.
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    Hacking What happened to the English PDA?

    When the Chinese version of the PDA was released it was said that it would be translated in a couple of weeks. Whats the deal? Anybody have info on when it may come out?
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    Gaming Mario Basketball Special moves

    Ok I know a little about them, for instance you tap out a M twice to do Mario's but when I try that with him he makes a little flame where the ball is dribbled and does nothing else. What am I doing wrong?
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    Hacking M3 SD, Does the SD card need to be formated

    Does it need to be formatted to FAT32 or something?
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    Gaming Getting Mario 3v3 on M3

    When I start it up it show the enix and nintendo thing then when it goes to the mario screen it seems to freeze. I can hear a nasty sound and the screen is almost white but I can see the mario 3v3 logo slightly in the background. I put the latest software on the m3 and my computer from the M3...
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    Gaming Problem wih Meteos on M3

    I've been trying to get Meteos to work on my M3 with V21 and the new game manager but no matter what the settings after I pass the first screen that says touch to start both screens go black and I hear some nasty noise but nothing happens after that. Any suggestions?
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    Hacking Any word on English PDA for M3

    Heard it would be released soon but was wondering if there is anymore offical news on when it will be released?
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    Hacking DS lite strap

    I just bought a DS lite and unlike my regular DS it did not come with a strap to attach to it. There is a spot for one so I was wondering if it should have come with one and what I should do about this?
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    Gaming Any Games like Ace attorney?

    There has been a lot of talk lately about ace attorney but are their any games out there like it that are heavily story based? Anytype of gameplay will do but I'm looking for a good story to drive the game.
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