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  1. DogParty

    Hacking Question SX OS and launching unlinked eShop games?

    Heya, quick (strange) question. I just got my SX Pro and was planning on doing the following to protect my Nintendo account (and thus my purchases): Unlink my Nintendo account (which supposedly makes my games unbootable) Install SX OS Launch my previously-purchased games using SX OS. I...
  2. DogParty

    Hacking Emunand/sysnand backup size?

    For those who have successfully done the OTP portion of the guide, how much space does the emunand/sysnand back ups take up? My microSD card is 64 Gb and it has roughly 18 Gb free. Would the emunand backup only take up ~4 Gb like a gateway NAND back up or would it also include a backup of my...
  3. DogParty

    Homebrew [Release] Game & Watch Emulator (3dsx)

    So I compiled the Game & Watch emulator from RetroArch and thought I would share it with you guys! :) Screenshots: Note that the games use a hardcoded border that look like the handheld system. That means a lot of the ROMs are nearly impossible to use with the border. Fortunately, many (all?)...
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