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    Hacking My 2DS Fails to Inject FBI with rxTools & decrypt9 U.I.G. help please

    Hello I recently downgraded my 2DS from 10.3U to 9.2U I've been trying nonstop to inject FBI on to my emuNAND to my 2DS I do have a Gateway 3DS but one problem I have one of those 2DS'es that does read Gateway 3DS it passes the check but it won't load any games or homebrew when selected. I tried...
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    ROM Hack Request for Themehax 9.2 o3DS

    Well my attempts with 9.2U aren't loading at all and I tried too many times with browserhax so I decided to say fuck it and I'm making a request for either 3DS Custom Home Menu Manager Themes with the hack built in can anyone help? I can't boot Homebrew on my o3DS 9.2U with browserhax I don't...
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    Homebrew A FTP Client for ftBRONY please help me

    Is there any of them that does work with ftBRONY I've tried some FTP Clients and they don't seem to work with ftBRONY. Which it does irritate me because I don't want to keep taking out my SD Card and Powering off my 3DS especially my Japanese 3DSXL with YouTube can anyone please help me. I do...
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    ROM Hack Requesting: StreetPass Mii Plaza Editor

    I would like to see this in the near future if anyone is willing to take on a task?! My requests: Mii Plaza: All Hats With and Without DLC All Accomplishments All Music 1000 Fantastic Rating StreetPassed 99,999 Times Puzzle Swap All Puzzles Completed North America Europe Japan - (Also...
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    Hacking Quick question about gateway

    Is it possible for me to use another SD card and have a 2nd emuNAND my question is I don't want to lose my original emuNAND will I lose my original emuNAND if I make another emuNAND?
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    ROM Hack Kid Icarus Uprising Weapons Save Hex Editing

    You can use these methods to extract the saved data [TUTORIAL] How to export/import Gateway Card1 .sav to eShop/3ds/3dz with SaveDataFiler or the CIA Installed Version of...
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    Hacking Gatweay 3DS emuNAND help I don't want to lose my StreetPass Data!

    I want to emulate a NAND on my 3DS but I don't want to lose any of my StreetPass Data is there any way I can do this without losing any of my StreetPass data? Also my eShop data too. if It helps I'm on 3ds 9.2.0-20 U firmware is there any advice on how I should retain my StreetPass data without...
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    Hacking Has anyone ordered from Modchips Direct recently?

    I ordered a Gateway 3DS on Saturday they took my money out on Monday and still hasn't shipped out is this normal? According to their FAQ's How long does it take to send out an order? We work every single business day, and will ship all in stock items with 24 hours of the payment being...
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    Hacking cIOSX rev20 I know it's out but..

    Can you load any cIOS on USB Loaders for Example WiiFlow,NeoGamma,USB Loader GX,Configurable USB Loader,Triiforce,etc. This is just a request for future updated cIOS' so we can pretty much load any slot!
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    Hacking cIOS rev 20 info that looks awesome!

    Source: & # Slots! 3:37 PM Apr 17th via choqoK # @scrumbleyj What do you think it means? 11:14 AM Apr 19th via choqoK in reply to scrumbleyj # @scrumbleyj You are correct. about 11 hours ago via...
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    South Park threatened by Muslim extremists My opinion these Muslim extremists will never learn because they're ignorant and they're interpretation on the Muslim religion is about fear and killing people. This is one of the reasons I hate religion and turned atheist! I hate...
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    Hacking Start Patch Sneek Compatibility Request

    Is it possible to make a Wii Application to make Start Patch work on Sneek? Or a PC Program that that you can Modify the System Menu through your SD Card. Thanks, TrapperKeeperX
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    ROM Hack Request: Zelda Spirit Tracks Save Converter

    Since the CycloDS Evolution released a Beta Firmware to make Spirit Tracks playable & savable without RTS but here is he thing I have a M3 DS Simply and I've been playing it off of that and I need a save converter since I can't put my save on the CycloDS it always create a new save which sucks...
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    Hacking Zelda Spirit Tracks Save Issue

    Everytime I start it ends up deleting the save by creating a new save is there a specific version do I need to play Spirit Tracks on CycloDS? Oh btw I'm using 1.56 B4 FW.
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    Hacking The Legend of Zelda Collection (J) Won't Work! In this video here The Legend of Zelda Collection (J) works and I tried everything is there anybody that can help me? Note: I get the menu to work but the games won't boot! Thanks, TrapperKeeperX
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    Hacking Metroid Prime Trilogy use what IOS?

    I would like to know what IOS it runs or is there a program that reads ISO's and tells you the IOS it runs on.
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    Hacking Metroid Prime Trilogy ISSUE!

    I got a Original Copy and Metroid Prime 1 & 2 Play perfectly Metroid Prime 3 won't load at all does it need a new IOS? or my disc is defected because My Super Smash Bros. Brawl Dual Layer Original Copy works perfectly and it plays all videos and subspace. It's making me very depressed is there...
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    Hacking Ghostbusters (I know...) I like this method

    Ok here is what I did to get the Ghostbusters to work. Some people did this method and they're are a bunch of methods to get this game to work well but I find this method to be better. Before anything I'm not going to tell you were to download it but I'll tell you to download the the official...
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    Hacking Super Smash Bros. Brawl Custom Music Hack Help!

    I want to have Custom Music in Super Smash Bros. Brawl does anyone have a guide on it so it can help me understand what to do.
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    Hacking BootMii Questions a few things for those who have BootMii

    Please answer the following questions. 1. Will it work with GeckoOS Rebooting for Codes,Copy Flag for Protected Saves,etc.? 2. Will the Backup Launchers Work when rebooting? 3. Will BootMii show up in Today's Play History? 4. Will the homebrew channel show up too in Today's Play History when...
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