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  1. ernilos

    Hacking GO Exploit

    The other thread is getting fulled with stuff like "halp me plz, it don't works", so I thought on create another thread to talk about the GO exploit... Going to the website with no 3DS webAgent you get what the memory block is fulled with "counter+4 08 0E"...
  2. ernilos

    Homebrew WoodRPG

    Hello! I'm trying to found WoodRpg source code, i find the google code web, but it's closed, i tryed download it with "web time machine" but i can't too. I alredy look a lot of pages and i know the reason why he closed the google code and a lot of stuff but no any links to source download D: Can...
  3. ernilos

    Hacking M3I Zero

    Hey people of gbaTemp! The other day searching on my old DS games i find my M3I Zero card, i thinked, may m3 team maked this working on 3DS 4.5, so i google a little bit and i seen this still works, but the Firmware cable is lost, and i "build one" I installed the last firmware, and also i...
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