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    Checking whether this software can be played...

    Hi. When I try to start a game that I have installed trough TinFoil with separate updates and DLC installed as well and try to run it, I get: Loading forever. If I enable flight mode on the console, I get the following: But from that point I'm able to select "Start Software". Now I'm...
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    Hacking WiiU game dump's list and nfo

    Hi! I just wanted to recommend this site to use to find out more information about each release: They have all nfos & sfvs and information about each rar-file that the release should come with.
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    Hacking How to rename *.3DS ROMs like scene relese ?

    If someone is experienced with some coding, they could very easy make something that checks against They make it possible to search like this They also have some small JSON API like this...
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    Hacking 3DS rom dump info

    Hello! If someone is looking for more detailed information about each 3ds release, I use myself because it has all information about each release, and use it to make sure I have a correct release. (not tampered with). With srr-files you can also convert a 3ds ROM to the...
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    Gateway 3DS, ROM releases & GBAtemp

    Hello! Just wanted to let you know of a site I use to make sure what releases exist for 3ds: If you have a 3ds game you will also with the files from this site be able to re-construct the original rar-files (scene release)! The site also gives you...
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    Renowned Scene Release Group Dump 1st WiiU Game

    Hello. I found a lot information about the release on this site: With no possibility to download (but if you have the iso, you will be able to get back the original scene rars with their converting tool!) The...
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    ROM Hack Tinke 0.7.2

    I dont know if it will solve your problem or works with this software, but if you cant install .NET 3.5 but have 4.0 installed, you can try to run it using 4.0... Create a file exactly with the same name like the exe, but append .config: filenamehere.exe.config Inside file put: This...
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    Hacking Why doesnt the eNDryptS work for me?

    If you have done everything right, it could be either that the path is too long or that the path contains not standard characters. You can try put everything in C:\ or something to make sure that this is not the case.
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    Hacking Uninstall wads from SNEEK?

    Hmm, maybe this could be the same problem to me, that I can't launch HBC… Gonna try to reinstall IOS35 and see if it works...
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    Hacking Uninstall wads from SNEEK?

    Okay thanks a lot for learning me that ShowMiiWads can delete games too The problem I have with HBC is that it just gets black and then return to SNEEK system menu, so HBC is not working for me... Anyone know how to fix this?
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    Hacking Uninstall wads from SNEEK?

    Hello! I have an unpacked NAND dump from my Wii which I’m using for SNEEK. To install wads (games) I use “ShowMiiWads” (Extract -> To NAND) on my PC, so my question is if there is a way to uninstall wads or rather list everything installed on the unpacked NAND dump to then delete it. I know...
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    Hacking Homebrew Channel on SNEEK

    Hi! I think I managed to get ShowMiiWads to work. I will use that in the future. Thanks a lot everyone!
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    Hacking Homebrew Channel on SNEEK

    Hi! I have now tried what you have said by putting the folders “apps” and “wad” in USB slot instead. But whenever I go into the Homebrew Channel from SNEEK its just gets black a few seconds, then it loads SNEEK again… What am I possibly doing wrong? Any suggestions are greatly welcome!
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    Hacking Homebrew Channel on SNEEK

    Thanks a lot for your answers! First I'd like to know how you guys do if you would want to install a WAD to the system menu on SD (SNEEK). And buffdog, how do I rune homebrew though USB?
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    Hacking Homebrew Channel on SNEEK

    Hello! I would like to know if there is anything I do wrong when I try to load the Homebrew Channel from a system menu running from SNEEK. All it does is it loads a few seconds and then takes me back to the system menu again. I can access the Homebrew Channel by removing the SD-card on boot...
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    Hacking SuperDump 1.3 99%-problem

    I've read that SuperDump should give you a 1:1 dump or something like that. I'll dump a game again to see if get same crc on them. I know that GC emulation is not very good yet, but the games I've tried so far works very good actually
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    Hacking SuperDump 1.3 99%-problem

    Hi! Thanks, but that dosnt seems to work, I forgot it on like an hour and still dosnt get same checksum as on, what can I try?
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    Hacking SuperDump 1.3 99%-problem

    Hello! I'm dumping some GameCube games mainly to play them on emulator on PC... And the problem I've got is that the program "SuperDump 1.3" completes on 99% while I want them to be 100% and complete for sure... I've read that cIOS38 rev14 could be the cause to this, but I've tried both rev13...
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    Hacking GET 500 FREE Wii POINTS - With Connection Ambassador Promotion

    You forgot to mention that this will help YOU towards getting free VC games...
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    Gaming Black screen after Wii Sports update

    Ok... I just run cIOS Downgrader and downgraded to 3.2E and now my Wii works again.
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