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    Wii system downgrade from 4.3u to 3.2

    Thank you very much for the reply. If I'm being dead honest she's being an elitist and just wants to say she can do it. Once I give this a crack I'll reply and let you know how it turns out. I'm only doing this on Wii's with broken disc drives or other issues so I'm not hurt if they brick.
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    Wii system downgrade from 4.3u to 3.2

    I'm currently trying to do this on broken wii consoles. So if it bricks that's fine with me, my end game is just to be able to do this safely once after that I'll never do this again.
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    Wii system downgrade from 4.3u to 3.2

    Anyone have experience downgrading a Wii to 3.2? I have a friend who wants to use an action reply but can't because updates removed it's function making it dead weight. I have two Wii's that don't read discs and are quite beat that I'm using to test this. I bricked the first one even though I...
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    Hacking I cannot copy my disc to internal hdd with multiman

    By this do you mean update it?
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    Hacking Issues copying games and setting up rebug

    Hey all. Decided to jump down the rabbit hole and mod my og ps3. Got evilnat set up on it and got retroarch as well as a few games I wanted to play tested and working! I went to copy over portal which I own and just figured I could put the disc away while playing my backup. I went to try it...
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