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  1. Binebina87

    Hacking Tales of Legendia PS3 CFW Buggy

    Hello, I really wanted to play Tales of Legendia on my Slim PS3 (running Habib 4.78 Cobra, MM, Webman), since the game looks very bad when playing it with my PS2 lol. But there are so many graphic bugs that most of the time you can't even see whats going on. I also heard that this problem...
  2. Binebina87

    ROM Hack Messed up Savedata. Any Fix?

    So I messed up my Pokemon Shuffle Savedata on my N3DS I still have a save backup from my O3ds (from restoring my Emunand after the Systemtransfer to the new system). But after dumping that save via Savedata Filer and putting it on the N3ds the game always says the save is corrupt (which is I...
  3. Binebina87

    Hacking N3DS Systemtransfer and restoring o3DS

    So if I do a systemtransfer from my O3DS Emunand to my (non existing :-) ) N3DS emunand and then restore the Emunand on the o3DS, are there any downsides of running two systems on the same "user" (dont know any better word lol) I was thinking about local coop problems maybe? Cause the...
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