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  1. geekqueen2010

    Homebrew TerraInveditThreedee - Terraria3DS inventory editor

    Is there a list of the items? Are we not supposed to use the updated version of Terraria? Is it not made to handle the amount of inventory space Terraria 3ds version has since it doesn't show the actual coin and ammo cases but just the main inv from first item to third-to-last item?
  2. geekqueen2010

    Homebrew 3DS Piano Homebrew

    Oh, I found the thread! After reading the other comments I would like to know how's the "adding functionality for multiple notes playing at once" going?
  3. geekqueen2010

    Homebrew [WIP] 3DeSmume (DS emulator for 3DS)

    Ohhhhh, I didn't know that was an alternative since it wasn't listed among emulators in the List of 3DS Homebrew so I dismissed it. Thanks for letting me know about it.
  4. geekqueen2010

    Homebrew [WIP] 3DeSmume (DS emulator for 3DS)

    Is twloader another DS emulator for 3DS?
  5. geekqueen2010

    Homebrew Fact Crow [Homebrew]

    The download link is dead, so I can't get it. :/ I think it'd be fun to have a version of this with it being the Fact Core from Portal 2, with animations like in the game.
  6. geekqueen2010

    Homebrew [WIP] 3DeSmume (DS emulator for 3DS)

    As much as I'd like to try this I just can't compile anything. I normally just download already compiled stuff and put the files in the right place, whether it be 3dsx or cia.
  7. geekqueen2010

    Homebrew [Homebrew] Simon Game

    I can't find your piano app, and I would really like to download it. So please reply with link to it, if it's not too much trouble.
  8. geekqueen2010

    Homebrew [Release] Blackjack 3DS

    Will you make a cia version? Also, Spider Solitaire would be cool to have.
  9. geekqueen2010

    Homebrew fb43ds - Facebook's Client for Nintendo 3DS

    The person's website is gone, so idk if they're gonna continue it or not. Can anyone please try to make a cia of it?
  10. geekqueen2010

    Homebrew [WIP] PHBankGB - Pokémon Homebrew Bank GB (R/B/Y)

    Is this compatible with your other offline pokebank app?
  11. geekqueen2010

    Homebrew [WIP] PHBank - Pokémon Homebrew Bank

    This is really cool, will you be making an update that adds Sun Moon support any time soon?
  12. geekqueen2010

    Homebrew Custom Theme Thread

    Um, you do realize that the Supernatural theme is no longer on dropbox, right?
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